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Principle Design Prezi

No description

Robert Makky

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Principle Design Prezi

By: Robert Makky, Magnus Searle, Noah Dovberg, Brooklyn Collier, and Tori Montgomery
Principles Design Prezi
Requirements to become a multi-media designer
Page Layout
Fonts are particular styles of text, they change the size, thickness, and how the text looks. The "nicer" fonts are fonts in the category of Serif.
The font Liberation is a great printing font because of the serifs on each letter make for easy reading.
Open Sans is a great website font because of its many design looks and bold-text options.
Liberation Serif:

Open Sans:
Serif is the extensions on letters.
Sans Serif fonts is more plain and does not have the extensions, unlike Serif fonts.
Font - Noah Dovberg
Color - Magnus Searle
Page Layout - Robert Makky
Graphics - Tori Montgomery
Requirements - Brooklyn Collier

- Artist - Jakim; Song - Dolphin Theme; Where we got it from https://www.jamendo.com/en/track/637548/dolphin-theme

- http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi&ei=dnAIVPG4Jpe-sQSDnIC4AQ&ved=0CAQQqi4oAg

Use Frames in moderation
Use centering sparingly
Everything should align with something
Avoid using the same margins
Bottom margin usually larger
Should look good upside down
Use White space in areas that feel cramped
Use Z layout start at top left and end at bottom right
A good page layout is:
Workable(easy to find and read)
Organized(Topics should be where they make scene)
Attractive(Sub heads, images and spots of color)
Copyright stops people from claiming work that is not theirs
Most materials since 1989 are protected by copyright
Disclaimers can be used in certain situations to avoid copyright
All that needs to happen for a copyright to occur is for the material to be recorded
Example of Effective and Non-Effective Typefaces.
Color can be useful to catch the reader's eyes and draw attention or interest, but sometimes a little goes a long way.
Color is a central part of our lives. People look at and react to different colors,
tints, and shades thousands time every day.
Page sign ex.
Which Is a more effective use of coloring?
Good Page Design

Using Color Effectively
The Meaning of Color
Pretty much the meaning of color simply means that whenever you're using color, that color gives off something, a feeling, a meaning.
For Example, Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.
Red is an emotional color, and so are many others, just be sure to consider this when using color
Color Schemes
The "cool theme" consists of blues. Mainly deeper blues that show a darker yet subtle beauty and a level of calm coolness.
The "warm theme" is kind of a warmer reds and oranges that comfort you in a warm hold that could be provided by a mother to her child.
Analogous Colors are colors that are adjacent to one another on the color wheel.
Color guidelines are basically the do's and dont's of Color in print design.
Use Color, it's a very useful tool.
Don't Overuse Color
Use analogous and complementary colors
Don't use random colors
Use themes
File Formats
Printing to PostScript printers.
High resolution printing of pictures
Screen display.
Online publishing of photographic images.
Printing to PostScript printers/ image setters.
High resolution printing of illustrations.
Replacement for GIF and to a lesser extent JPG and TIF
Screen display under Windows.
Windows Wallpaper.
Which is Sans-Serif?
| |
Have you ever used any of these programs?
What is the second advertisement missing to have good page design?
What format is best for online publishing of photographic images?
IQ 1
IQ 2
IQ 5
IQ 4
Primary Colors are Red, Blue, and Yellow. They're "primary colors" because they weren't made by mixing colors
Employers often look for multimedia designers who have earned their bachelors degree. They also want someone with experience.
Graphic designers create websites, T-shirts, anything that has to do with design, and advertising.
One career path in multimedia design is digital imaging.
Digital imaging works in the motion picture film industry.
Advertisement Designer
In-Game/Video Asset Designer
Web Designer
Graphic Designer
Jobs for Multi-Media Designers
What employers look for
Software used by Graphic Designers
Autodesk Maya: Maya provides high-end character and effects tool sets along with increased productivity for modeling, texturing and shading creation tasks.
Adobe Photoshop: This program allows you to edit your pictures by adding different effects.
Cinema 4D: A 3D modeling, animation and rendering application.
Make pictures look good together
Give retro or vintage feel
Add interest to the picture
Tone down images
Use filters too:
Good Cropping:
Trims unneeded portions of the picture
Makes the picture more useful
Changes the focus
Bad Cropping:
Cut off the focus
Cut off to much

Below is a list of the most important rules for typography.
Do not!
Use Too many fonts.
Use illegible fonts.
Do not use hard returns after fonts.
You can!
Use proper punctuation.
Use borders wisely.
Use proper indentations!
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