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Foreign Policy: Taft and Roosevelt

Similarities and Differences Between Taft and Roosevelt on Foreign Policy

Grace Sharp

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Foreign Policy: Taft and Roosevelt

Between President Taft's
And President Roosevelt's
ideas on Foreign Policy Similarities and Differences President Taft Differences The "New Diplomacy" President Roosevelt -Use of Force and Military Power Similarities Woodrow Wilson Results & Tie into WWI Roosevelt vs Taft Dollar Diplomacy -1905 &1909 Control
of Nicaragua and Dominican Republic -1915/1918 Haiti -1910-1914 Mexico -Carrying a "big stick". America as a new great power and projecting that idea unto the world. -Civilized vs Uncivilized -Economic Development -Sea Power Roosevelt: -Diplomacy focused on power. (naval, army, money, etc) -Open Door into Asia
by Japan and China -Interest in Latin America Collapse of European Peace
Wilson's Neutrality Pacifism vs Preparedness Vs
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