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Custom Built Software

No description


on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Custom Built Software

Some boring stuff More boring stuff Custom built software By Tom Kendall, Tom Drew, George Inge and Joe Harrison Custom built software means that the company who wish to buy and use the software can request a specific task for the software to do. This means they can work together with the developers to meet requirements exactly. If there are problems, the developers can be directly contacted and the bug can be fixed. Shopping list Bread
Cheese Custom software can be built for all manner of tasks. These can range from tracking company's finances to building a website to even tracking football scores. What is custom built software? Custom built vs. Off the shelf software Why choose custom built software? Examples Custom built software is software that is made for a certain company or person. It is not for the public and it is certainly not free! It depends on the type of software built as to how much it actually costs. It is roughly £75 an hour. And that's cheap compared to the big software developers. TF2 reference Totally not an iPhone Totally not an iPad Plan to take over the world:
1. Recruit Super Saiyans
2. Fus-ion-ha!
3. ??????????
4. Profit Custom Off the shelf Can request what you want
No limitations
Problems can be solved quickly
Requirements met exactly
Personal use only
Personal preferences attained
You can edit anything you like Restricted to company's preferences
Bugs only fixed when next update is available
Doesn't contain everything the user wants
Very minor personal preferences
Everyone has the same
You cannot edit everything
You can't make personal requests
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