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What are the core values underlying public health practice a

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Dr Rick Hayes

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of What are the core values underlying public health practice a

Introducing Equity and Social Justice
As you watch the introduction of the video, pay particular attention to the discussion about racially based disparities in health. What is involved in this process?

Be ready to create a working definition of equity and social justice from the introductory material. We will keep working on it throughout the lectorial and in future sessions.

This video will touch on a number of topics in this subject. It will be a good resource for you to return to.
Addressing Racism and Social Conditions
As you listen to this segment of the video, consider the values of accessibility, affordability and acceptability. What is actually involved in these three values when we see them "live" in an actual situation? When we hear the stories of others, what can we learn about them?
Engaging & Mobilizing the Community
What does real participation consist of? In your background reading for this topic, a number of terms were used for participtaion: inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower. As you watch the video, try to discover the different shades of meaning that can be placed around the concept of participation. What do you think are the most satisfactory for the various situations and stages in which decisions are made, implemented and evaluated?
What are the core values underlying public health practice and how might they be contested by various interest groups?

Dr Rick Hayes, Senior Lecturer
CHD-PHP, Principles of Public Health Practice
Department of Community Health, SPH & HBS, FHS, LTU
Open Education Resource: CC-SA 3.0 (Commercial)

We are looking at PH Core Values
In this lectorial, we will be looking at core values underlying public health. We will not cover everything. You will have to do some of your own work. But, we do want you to have a good foundation for working through this topic. We will watch different segments of an excellent video produced by Boston Public Health. Boston is one of the key centres for revitalising public health approaches to a number of health related issues that transforms how various agencies work together. For instance, drug use and abuse is less likely to be treated as a criminal matter than a public health matter by everyone, including the police. Even homicide is being treated as a public health issue.
Advocating for Policy and Systems Change
Now we want to listen for what might make an intervention more effective than it might have been if a health care system had it not listened to the people. As you watch, consider issues about efficiencies and cost/benefit ratios. How important is changing the system? What paradigms might have to be changed?
The Center for Health Equity and Social Justice: Shifting the Public Health Paradigm
Think and Pair your initial working definition of Equity
Think and Pair your initial working definition of Participation
Think and Pair a working definition of Accessible, Affordable and Acceptable and consider what the difference is when we are actually out on the street and not in a comfortable office.
Think and Pair around the idea of population health as an aspect of public health. What does primary health care mean in this video? What might be left out for these communities if only a whole of population approach were taken? Social epidemiology is important; but, so is social justice on the street.
During the week, have a think about what you have explored today. In your tutorials, try to incorporate your learning into the tasks.
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