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Black box

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Black box

Black box
The black box has made a difference because when planes crash, experts can then locate a black box and discover why the crash happened. This event changed the everyday lives of not only Australia but the world because now people can travel on planes not having to worry if their plane will crash because they know that the information from other black boxes have told experts why planes have crashed and how to make other planes safer.
Dr David Warren
The black box was invented in 1953 on the 17th of March by Dr David Warren. The black box was made in Melbourne, Australia and is bright orange with reflective surfaces. It is positioned at the back of every commercial plane.
The black box has two different compartments; cockpit voice recorder (CVR) which records the pilots voices and the flight data recorder (FDR) which records the pressure altitude, indicator of air speed, magnetic heading, normal acceleration and microphone keying. It is made to withstand accelerations up to 3,400gs, 1,100 degree heat and 1 month in water up to 6 miles deep.
This event is important in Australia's history because without the black box, many plane crashes would remain unsolved all over the world. The black box helps by providing experts with information which can be used in flight simulations to teach pilots what to do in a situation like a potential crash. Experts are trialing and testing the MP3 player as part of the flight data recorder because it is capable of recording over 500 hours of flight data .
Black Box
The black box is enclosed inside a crash and fire proof metal shell to prevent serious damage to the CVR and FDR. To help experts find a black box it has reflectors and a beacon that doubles as a handle. When the beacon senses water, it sends out pulses of ultrasound for up to 30 days in 14,000 ft water.
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