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No description

Maggie Millis

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Photography

Camera diagram
Macro photography is extreme close up photography, usually of very small objects, but in the photo it is much bigger than life size.
Introducing you the camera
A camera may look confusing and complicated, but really they are quite simple.
If you just simplify it, that is.
Here is an example. See where it says "shutter button" well, that is the button to take the photo.
A camera has simple and hard things to understand.
Negative space
Perspective is a photo technique where you use two things to make something else.
Such as here. The person taking the photo is using two people to make a completely different thing.
someone eating someone.
Spray paint clouds.
Someone small blowing up a big balloon.
Blowing people over.
Someone holding someone.
Photo credit: Helgabj
Photo credit: VanessaPike-Russel
Such as in this photo. The photographer would have to have a good camera to do that.
Negative space is where a photo is taken using a lot of space around the icon in the picture. The photo could have anything in it, such as books, food, people, ect.
Such as in this photo. The photographer has used negative space by taking the photo with only a little bit of the object in it.
Photo techniques
Another few things about photography
Photography is used for lots of things such as magazines, apps (100+ wallpapers) the internet and that's still not everything!

Photography was invented to make people have joyful memories and to never forget these memories.

Taking a photo isn't just a click and a flash, it is much more than that. You have to get the light right, make sure you have the thing you're taking the picture of in position, and it has to have a meaning.

If you took a picture of someone running to something it may mean hope. If you took a picture of someone reading it may mean quiet. If you took a picture of people holding hands it may mean love.
canon camera
What photography truly is
It's the joy you can bring to someone when they like your photo. It is simple pleasure.
A certain recording that may have been forgotten may be remembered in the new times, or even just an old photograph of you sitting with your family, in your new house.
That may go down for years and years, and may be a treasure to the rest of your family.
I believe, myself, that I would hardly live without photography.
It brings back joyful memories, or maybe even sad. Such as, if it was your first time going to the beach and we didn't have cameras.. Well, how would you remember it?
Really, now do you believe me?
Or maybe a picture of your horse who passed away. If I didn't have a camera then I would be so dried away of tears I could never cry again.
I hope you understand how important a photography is now.

A photo is important, not just a click.
You could use negative space, a picture of a stick.

Most photos bring back joy,
Maybe of a baby, with a toy.

Photography brings happiness or love.
You can take photos from under or above.

-Maggie Millis

20 titles
1. Nikon
2. Canon
3. Bridge camera
4. Sony
5. Pentax
6. Leica
7. Minolta
8. Kodak
9. Samsung
10. Olympus
11. UJI
13. Exilim
14. Lumix
15. Microcord
16. Pudding camera
17. Carl Zeiss
18. Coolpix
19. MRI

Newspaper article
Cost of 5 cameras
Samsung SH100-$199.00 (JB HI-FI)

Canon 1100D-$483.00 (Harvey Norman)

Nikon D5200-$1248.00 (Harvey Norman)

Olympus E-P3-& 169.00 (JB HI-FI)

Coolpix S3500-$138.00 (JB HI-FI)
Next I will be showing you an animoto video, and then we will continue on. I hope you enjoy!
Animoto Video
My video will be on photo techniques and apps that proffesionials use to tweak there photos.
If you are thinking what, she already told us about that, well there is a heap more to learn. Plus, there is a QR code to the animoto video.
And welcome to Maggie's passion project!
Apps that tweak photos
I know I told you guys the names of the apps in the video, but don't you want to actully know what they are?!
1. Afterlight
Afterlight is an app where you choose a picture then you can change the light, make it fuzzy, make it grainy, and you can change the colour of the light, shadow and the object\person to blue, green or red. You can make the colour shade obvious or not so obvious.
More photo applications...
2. Photo college

Photo college is an app that you use to tweak and treasure precious photos, but you can put all the photos in at once.
You can have all different types of backgrounds and styles of writing. You can change the light of the photo, and you can change how old or new it looks just by touching a few buttons.

Space paint
Space paint is an app where you get a normal photo\picture such as this,
and it lets you add your whole imagination to the photo. You can draw, or you can get patterns and textures from the menu under the photo.
If you can read this you are smart.
Space paint isn't really something PROFESSIONALS would use, but it is a really great way to learn how to use your imagination for a photo.
Youtube video
Lauren Duiker

17 Garfield Road, Garfield




Mobile number:

0432 608 897
Space paint would help alot with people (Offering IPads) who want to be an artist when they grow up.
Scan them, and they will take you to another place!
Animoto video
Reference Page...
History of photography (site)
Top ten iphone camera apps (site)
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