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A better life for you!

No description

Amelia Sparks

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of A better life for you!

A better life for you!
The start
First of all don't always be busy
Personally I think busy is not good at all
Spend and have time for family members or Bffs
Be free at least 3 times a week for unplanned activites
Eat the right food and limit yourself to treats
Go to bed on time
Keep your self approprietly dressed for the weather
Have fun but keep rules for yourself at all times
Rules For Yourself
Its good to always have rules so you can follow them and keep youself put together
Even though it may not be New Years make sure your resolution are staying new and always improved
Resolutions should be something good in your life you want to improve like eating healtheir or getting more exercise
ALWAYS HAVE ONE IN MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now if you've followed my rules you will soon be the 1 people are asking advice for a better life so I hope that you've learned that to be the top dog you MUST follow my rules! Thanks for your support GOODBYE AND HAVE A VERY HAPPY LIFE!!!
Keep rules hung up and see how many you can do
Always good to steady yourself if you go off track , it's hard to get back into business
It will keep you on track in many different ways
Ask a trusted family or friend any problems you have
Set a golden rule for yourself and work on it
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