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20 Things About Kaislyn

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of 20 Things About Kaislyn

20 Things About Kaislyn
I like music
I love to sing
But I dont like to practice
I like traveling
But... I hate long car rides
I like playing piano
I HATE sea food

I love acting
I have been in three plays but more to come!
I don't like messes!!!
I don't like cleaning either
But i do like to be organized

I LOVE the Hunger Games!
I love to go to Hawaii!!
I hate math and science
I also don't like waiting in long lines
I like cooking
I don't like soccer
I hate the smell of coffee
And I love watermelon
Why going to Hawaii is my favorite thing to do!
Going to Hawaii is my favorite thing to do because, I usually go to Pearl Harbor, I see family I don't see very often I go to the beach everyday I'm there,I catch Geckos and play with the Chickens and Cats in the Families backyard! Some people might say going to Hawaii is not fun because it's really hot, Very Humid, Not a lot to do (which there is). That's why I think going to Hawaii is my favorite thing to do out of all of my likes!
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