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Onion News

about 3 onion news videos

georgette moore

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Onion News

The Onion News Network:
Video Why is news important? News is important for many reasons. Without your news you would be lost on current events outside your life. You wouldn't know what was going on with the government (things like new laws being passed, bills, changes to the senate or other elections), you wouldn't have the state information and the current events of your state. Many things you would lose, you would not know if there was traffic, where the accidents and streets to avoid are, current and breaking news. Without the news you would be almost totally uninformed, your life would be the only thing that you know. Why is satire important in news? (aka why is The Onion important to news) The Onion is a very important place for news for several reasons. In general people do not like to acknowledge problems that are going on in society, we don't like to admit that we have problems at all. Instead we lie to ourselves and say that there is no problems, life is perfect. The Onion takes things in society that we don't like, things that people would complain about, and makes it so that people can actually see what is wrong with what is going on in the world. For example The Onion has written an article about the crap that America is willing to buy based off of production of items in China. This article states that even the people that are making the "crap" even see it as that - a useless waste of money that will break within a few days. This article is a satire for that reason, it says that even the people in China making the crap wouldn't buy it themselves. This is a good satire for the fact that it says something important about the items that we are willing to buy, and the money we are willing to waste. This is probably one of my favorite articles.... http://www.theonion.com/articles/chinese-factory-worker-cant-believe-the-shit-he-ma,1343/ So The Onion uses satire, what exactly is "Satire"? Satire, in a way, is a way of telling someone something in a way that it is both entertaining and informative at the same time. Through using several techniques like irony (as well as sarcasm), ridicule, derision and more satire is possible. In a literary piece you can use these techniques in order to form satire: a sort of news or informational source (even a satire CAN be fiction. Even in imaginary worlds there is satire that can help with real world issues. Think of Disney.) that tells a story or something (from the main character in the story/article/whatever) that pokes fun at a real world issue in a way that makes you realize that the issue is actually a problem. Satire is basically a way of telling someone a problem without actually naming the problem but telling what it can do or the problems with it. So that is Satire...can you give me an example? Satire Images:
This Satire is fairly obvious, this is about the elections that have occured in the United States. Take a look at the captions in the Legend for more information. It's self explanatory. Satire Video: Before we get to an example let us take a look at News - on your TV. In today’s society there are many sources of which you can get your news. Each source has its own way of getting the information to the people, as well as having a way of choosing what type of news they want on the show. Each channel you change can have something different from the next, information that may not be one channel but will be on the next. You can find out what they are airing if there is a schedule – and that’s even if there isn’t any such thing as “Breaking News” going on. Each channel has a different idea of what breaking news can be because each channel is different. Like Fox 10 News can have different information that channel 3 or channel 5 News. This is because Fox 10 is more of entertainment, there isn’t much actual news in it that isn’t at least a day old. Yeah they will give you breaking news but you are most likely to get more information on some other new channel – Fox has to learn of what’s going on somewhere and they use other news sources to do just that. So if news is just entertainment on some channels, what kind of "information" do they have? Some news sources will do some drastic things to fill the time they have. Things you would never even imagine would get recognition can be used. Truly it doesn’t matter to them – they just have a time slot to fill and have to do something. Their two main goals are to make it as entertaining as possible to get viewers (more viewers = more $), and to fill the allotted time space with enough “information” to keep people entertained and “informed” at the same time. This means that even if it is unimportant they can put it in – so long as they make things seem important enough to (some) people. This can be things like “breaking” news that isn’t actually important, to some event that is going on at some school. Now, lets see that example! (Please follow this link to the first video)

http://www.theonion.com/video/breaking-news-some-bullshit-happening-somewhere,16928/ Why is this video a good example of a time-filler? This is a good example because this is meant to make fun of the fact that news does this sort of thing. You see not everyone like this type of thing - I know that it is fairly annoying, I would rather have information that is important for me to know. Though this video is obviously fake you can know what it was meant for. So this video has to be Satire - explain the satire to me. This is an obvious satire for many reasons which are fairly obvious in this video. Though the people do tend to be a bit foul when it comes to their language the satire does reamain fairly obvious. The main theme or satire in this video is "hey, were making fun of you because you time-fill with crap instead of giving real information". In many ways the "making fun" of them is the satire. You see this is almost exactly what satire is - making fun of something in a way that allows people to see that there is a problem in it and show people that it is a problem. Only the way people can understand it is through the fact that it is not only visual, but informative in subtle ways (the wording, things said, poking fun at viewer submissions, etc) Let us take a look at another example of Video Satire Take a look at this video before you go on, please.

http://www.theonion.com/video/new-portable-sewing-machine-lets-sweatshop-employe,14295/ The Issue behind sweatshops In the united states there isn't much that you can find that is actually made in the United States. What there is you would have to search for - truly, more stuff is made out of the country than in the country. You buy something and it's most likely from another country - do you know why? In America there is such a thing as minimum wage that there isn't in other countries. In most other countries such as China, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Afganistan, etc there is no such thing as a minimum wage. That means if there is no such thing as a minum wage there, then you can pay people next to nothing for twice (or more) of the work. In america people expect a certain ammount of money for a certain ammount of work, the less your paid the less you want to do the work you're supposed to be doing. Some Satire in this Video Though this video doesn't seem like it has much satire in it there is something there. It's not too obvious - but it's there. In China and other countries that produce things that we use in the US people are treated like dogs, they have no life beyond the job that they have. They are treated with such disrespect and disregard that it is not funny. These people are treated like dogs for no reason. No one really thinks of the job that they do for everyone else so that we can have these things that we "need".

The worst part about it is that people don't like to admit that things like this are happening to humans in this world. We like to tell ourselves that it's not real, that it doesn't matter because it isn't happening to you in specific. People don't like to think of the alternate possibility that there was and always has been - that you or someone you know could have been born in this type of situation. (yes I know not born with it, but ending up in it or with family in the situation)

In a way this is what the satire in this video is about. The main basic idea of this satire is fairly simple though -- People ignore what doesn't deal with their lives, but problems still exist everywhere. This particular problem that it is talking about is the fact that people work and exhaust themselves for nothing (though not in their eyes, of course they have reasons for doing stuff)
More Satire in this Video Though there is what I have already pointed out there is more. People may work themselves for nothing - but what about the people that buy the stuff? Yeah, there is the good side that you are contributing to some person in another country having a job and making some money for his/her family (though not much) . We are willing to buy all of this stuff and support things like this - yet we aren't willing to stand up for the other people in the world that do matter as well. We will buy the fruits of their labor while they starve and work themselves to death doing some crap job they don't want to do. There is so much wrong with the world - but here's another one! First of all take a look at the video.

http://www.theonion.com/video/dea-official-announces-successful-drug-bust-on-son,17224/ Why is this Satire? This video is satire for several reasons, I mean really take a look at it. No true DEA agent would be in on something like this (especially a team, and involved with more local police?) - it's small time and unimportant to the actual safety of the United States - there are a million more things that they could be doing that is more important and more relative to national security. What makes this satire? This video is satire because of the fact that it is making fun of the DEA for not doing actual work. This means that the person that wrote/produced this video and script is basically saying that the DEA isn't doing it's job, they have so much that they are supposed to do but aren't doing enough to help and do what they are supposed to do. It's enough to make people realize that they truly aren't doing enough - there is still so much getting through the borders and coast guard every day. Saddening....and disgusting... Now, to end You can see now what satire is, I can only show you and explain so much. Honestly looking at all of this was a bit depressing, realizing all that is truly wrong in the world.

Remember, though, that here can be satire in anything if you look at it right, even in cartoons. Wherever you look there can be Satire, on TV shows and in commercials, bilboards, magazines, store ads, everything. It only takes a state of mind that is able to understand satire and a bit of time to truly get what things mean. Take the time in your day and look through the things that are important to you - figure out the problems and try and see the solutions.

Ask yourself - What in your daily life can be satire? What kind of things can I do to create a satire? What is the problem in this satire? What is the solution to this problem?
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