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Six Weeks Spanish Project

No description

Travon Earl

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Six Weeks Spanish Project

Travon Earl
SIx Weeks Spanish Project
Mr Salat-Foix
(6th Period)

Reflexive Verbs A reflexive verb is used when the subject and the object are the same. Reflexive Pronouns
Yo Me
Yu Te
Ella/El Se
Nosotros Nos
Ustedes Se Sentences!!!! (espanol)
Yo me peino todos el pelo los mananas
Sentences!!! (Ingles)
I comb my hair in the morning Tu te lavas por la noche You wash yourself at night El se desperta a las seis de la manana He wakes himself up at 6 in the morning Nosotros nos sentamos en una silla We sit ourselves in chairs Ustedes burlan en el
club de la comedia They make fun of themselves
in the comedy club Conjugation Endings
yo -o
tu -as
usted -a
nosotros -amos
ustedes -an
Now on to IMPERFECT!! Imperfect use of imperfect tense implies that the past action did not have a definite beginning or end AR Impreterite Endings
-aban ER/IR Impreterite ENdings
-ian Sentences (espanol)
yo hablaba con me madre todos los dias Sentences (ingles)
I talked with my mom everyday Tu corrias en el parque todos los noches You ran in the park every night La nina tenia dos anos The little girl was 2 years old Nosotros comaba comia todos los manana We ate food every morning Ustedes vivian en a muy casa grande They lived in a very big house Now for .......PRETERITE Preterite preterite is used to describe actions in the past that have been completed AR Preterite Endings
-aron ER/IR Preterite Endings
-ieron Sentences (espanol)
Yo corri in el gymnasio para 30 minutos Sentences (ingles)
I ran in the gym for 30 minutes Tu hablaste a mi padre ayer You talked to your father yesterday Usted vivio en Houston para ocho anos He lived in Houston for 8 years Nosotros bailiamos en la fiesta We danced at the party Ustedes jugaron futbol en el campo de futbol They played soccer on the soccer field Now for Present Progressive Present Progressive Present Progressive is used to describe what is happening now first you conjugate the verb estar!
-estan Then you change the stem of the word

Hablar = hablando
(hablar -ir + ando)

Comer = Comiendo
(comer -er + iendo)

Vivir = Viviendo
(vivir -ir + iendo) Sentences (espanol)
Yo estoy comieron papas fritas de Burger King Sentences (ingles)
I am eating french fries from Burger King Tu estas escribieron en un cuaderno de matematicas You are writing in a math notebook Usted esta andaron en el parque de Houston He is walking in a Houston park Nosotros estamos abrieron la escuelas puertas We open the school doors Ustedes estan bebieron Mountain Dew We are drinking mountain dew And Now Finally......Past Progressives Past Progressives past progressives are used when describing something you were doing in the past First you conjugate the verb estar
-estaban Then you change the stem of the word

Hablar = hablando
(hablar -ir + ando)

Comer = Comiendo
(comer -er + iendo)

Vivir = Viviendo
(vivir -ir + iendo) Sentences (espanol)
Yo estaba comieron hambueguesas de Mcdonalds I was eating humburgers from Mcdonalds Tu estabas estudiaron para el examen de inglas You were studying for the English test Usted estaba miraron a la television He was looking at the television Nosotros estamos bebieron Coka Cola de la manana We were drinking coke in the morning Ustedes estaban tomaron lapiz de amigos They took pencils from their friends THE END.....but wait there is more!!!! AND NOW FOR YOUR VIEWIN PLEASURE>>>>>
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