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Enit Valverde Araya

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPANIES METHODS AND TECHNIQUES OF CANADIAN CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH BY DOUGLAS BOUGHER AND BILINGUAL MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCHOOL (BMS) Canadian Conversational English Objective Bilingual Multidisciplinary School (BMS) Nowadays the levels implemented in the institution are: CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE SCHOOLS According to Mr. Bougher, the objective of this program is to support the opportunity for any Spanish speaker to learn to speak English as a second language in an easy and interactive way in a short period of time. Founded in 2011
Palmares of Pérez Zeledón They combine 20 percent of grammar and 80 percent of conversation practice, because most English students feel that they need more conversation practice. At his English Academy people can learn very good English in a very simple form Douglas Bougher Canadian Conversational English offers to students the best conditions for learning English as a second language, in an excellent environment and with all the materials. Mission “To build a strong framework for continuation of Conversational English” Vision “To be a path for people to learn Conversational English in a short period of time” “Play 2 learn”
Resolving the need of the modern family In this school the Children have the opportunity
The classes are very dynamic MISSION Providing comprehensive Education, whose main language of instruction the students is English, which promotes a continuous search for excellence, and encourage the students to fully develop their potential, with the main purpose to become responsible, entrepreneurs and creative citizens. PRESCHOOL STAGE METHODS -Class through songs, images, videos, games, books, toys and PPP.
-Class in English.
-Quiet environment in class.
-Explanation in both languages.
-The classes are very dynamic.
-Homework and Oral Presentations. OBJETIVES OF THE STAGE -Dominate basic command
-Kids ends the level writing and reading.
-Identification and match words to images and sounds METHODS AND TECHNIQUES Has a co-worker named Alban who speaks very good English. The idea is to have them start to speak English in a natural way, and they have to eliminate the fear factor. As well in level four there is a strong emphasis on understanding and using phrasal verbs. Level four also has a complete review of levels one, two and three. The course is divided into five levels. The program activities, from level one to level three consists of 24 classes. During these three levels the students learn how to use phonics, the alphabet, vowels, basic phrases and common expressions to assimilate all that Mr. Bougher teaches them in the sessions. Bilingual Multidisciplinary School (BMS) Recommendations Canadian Conversational English Recommendations Thanks
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