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Middle Period

No description

jay yaj

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Middle Period

Leopoldo Yabes
called the years 1930 to 1944 the most productive of distinctive work in the half century of Filipino writing in English.”

There were several group which encouraged writers at this time

“The Veronicans.”
Led by Francisco Arcellana and inspired by Jose Garcia Villa, a group formed

October 28, 1936
the Philippine Book Guild was organized
Its early leaders included Manuel E. Arguilla, Carlos Quirino, and Arturo B. Rotor

Filipino writers in English began by mastering vocabulary, learning the mechanics of grammar, and imitating established Western writers

The Middle Period

The writers chose this name because they wanted their work to bear the imprint of Christ’s face

The Batcheloretes
women writers
Among their number were Teresa Arzaga, Luisa Barrera, Sally Barrera, Nelly X. Burgos, Olivia Calumpang, Corazon Juliano, Carmen Perez, and Trinidad L. Tarrosa
The Philippine Commonwealth Government was established on July 4, 1935
. This event encouraged writers to freely search for a national identity
Brief History of the Philippine Literature
was published by Teofilo del Castillo

Filipino writers in English began by mastering vocabulary, learning the mechanics of grammar, and imitating established Western writers

February 26, 1939
the Philippine Writers League was formed.
This was a highly influential organization during its brief existence
Its first president was Federico Mangahas
The first Commonwealth Literary Awards were granted by President Quezon

In the English division the winners were:

essay - Salvador P. Lopez for Literature and Society

short story - Manuel E. Arguilla for How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife and Other Short Stories

poetry - R. Zulueta da Costa for Like the Molave

novel - Juan C. Laya for His Native Soil

December 7, 1941
Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and war began in the Pacific.
Most writers left the city and fled to the mountains. Many joined the army and fought in Bataan and Corregidor. Some died in prison camps or were executed

July 4, 1946
most writers felt a new sense of responsibility and freedom. The writers seemed more perceptive of their country and the world around them. At first, a number of guerilla and liberation stories appeared

By:Anjanet L Aldover
The Post-war Period
During the Japanese occupation, when Tagalog was favored by the Japanese military authority, writing in English was consigned to limbo, since most of the English writers were forced to write in Tagalog or joined in the underground and wrote English stories based on the battles to serve as propaganda pieces in boosting the morale of the guerrillas
Among the writers who came into their own during this time were, among many others:
Carlos Bulosan, Linda Ty Casper
Gilda Cordero-Fernando, Amador Daguio
Ricaredo Serrano, N. V. M. Gonzalez
Sinai C. Hamada, Alejandrino Hufana
Oscar de Zuñiga , Dominador Ilio
Nick Joaquin , F. Sionil José
Virginia Moreno, Peter Solis Nery
Vicente Rivera Jr., Alejandro R. Roces
Bienvenido Santos
Abelardo and Tarrosa Subido
Edilberto K. Tiempo
Kerima Polotan Tuvera
Manuel A. Viray
Raul Rafael R. Ingles
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