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Understanding the Russian Revolution

Causes and Prominent Figures

Rayan Afiouni

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Understanding the Russian Revolution

What does Orwell have
to do with any of this? Tsar Nicholas II Understanding the
Russian Revolution Russian society was moving from a Feudal system to a monarch structure. By the turn of the 20th century, Russian society had never been more divided.

Tsar Nicholas came into power in 1894.

Never showed any leadership skills or any real desire to rule. He was lacking personality, weak before the people and clumsy.

The Russian people were frustrated with the social, economic and political situation. More importantly, people were distressed by the fact that there was no competent leader who could get them out of the mess. Time for a revolt Bloody Sunday empowered Russians to fight for civil rights.

Russians were angry at the tragic and humiliating defeat at war - caused by a careless Tsar

The ludicrousness of his personal life and added insult to injury for the Tsar. After Lenin died, there were only two other contenders for the leading position...

Both despised one another. Vladimir Lenin Lenin was the leader of the Bolshevik Party

He refused to work with the existing Provincial Government and over ran them instead - in just 6 months.

Lenin considered the Bolshevik party to be a step in the right direction at trying to reboot Russia and continued to fight for reforms and radical changes (using red terror) to "modernise" the nation.

Through Capitalism, the Bolsheviks set up a dictatorship with Lenin as its leader.

Land was taken away from private owners and was distributed amongst people. Workers were forced into labour camps and put in the control of factories, traditional religion was wiped abolished, anyone who opposed the Bolshevist was BRUTALLY "suppressed".

Lenin was unemotional and ruthless. He was an advocate of extremely cruel revolutionary measures.

He stayed in the lead position until he began to get very very ill, suffering from two consecutive strokes.

When he died, he body was mummified and put on display for people to see their 'great' leader. Joseph Stalin Brilliant Politician.. Mass Murderer 1905 -
Bloody Sunday. Early in 1905, a crowd of over 100,000 people marched peacefully through St Petersburg to eventually assemble at Tsar Nicholas' Palace to present a petition. Nick was not there.

The police, who had already put down a series of strikes by industrial workers, followed the Tsar's orders to get rid of all problems. Their solution was to open fire on the crowd of women and children. Many in the crowd were trampled to death.

Many people saw this as a sign that the Tsar no longer cared
for his people. As a result, Russians begun a series of demonstrations, riots and strikes to establish
a constitution. Russia at War Russia had sign a defense pact signed with England and France- so when the British went to war, Russia was forced to come to their aid against neighboring Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The War was a disaster for Russia. It saw the defeat of the Russian military in a series of humiliating defeats, and lead to over 5 million casualties. Inflation within the country intensified and food shortages were standard.

The war was the final straw for the already angry Russians. Russia was ready for a revolution! The February Revolution of 1917 It was time for him to go... The continued riots and demonstrations due to food shortages and an overall discontent with the Russian disgrace of WW1 fueled rage amongst the population.

people lost all respect for their monarch and even soldiers and police refused to carry out the orders of the Tsar.

Nicholas II was forced to abdicate - the entire monarchy was overthrown.

A new Provisional Government was put in place, yet still they failed to resurrect the Russian nation. By October.. It was time for another uprising! The October Revolution/
Bolshevik Revolution By October, the failed attempt of the Provincial government began to wear thin amongst the Russians.

The Bolshevik Party casually walked into the chambers of the Provincial Government and took over --> Bolsheviks? Where the hell did you come from? Bolsheviks were just wing members of the Russian Social - Democratic Workers' party - lead by none other than Vladimir LENIN...

Bolshevik is the Russian meaning One of the Minority

With Lenin at the forefront of the Bolsheviks, they managed to gain popularity amongst the Russians - so did the empty promises of the campaign By March 1918 - the Bolsheviks ruled Russia - running major Communist campaigns and trying to regain control of the Russian economy - these included forced labour camps.. Sound familiar?

They waged a campaign of RED TERROR - were the rulers were proud of being tough and violent and they broadcasted this message as far as their weapons, and voices could carry. This could be a little graphic fellas!!! Red Terror was a brutal campaign to make the country atheist by removing the influence of all religions. Churches are demolished and thousands of people are killed. Leon Trotsky Revolution Extraordinaire Was a Marxist in his teenage years and early twenties. He was busy organizing strikes and protests which soon attracted police attention.

He was arrested several times

Joined the Bolsheviks

Became secretary general of the Communist Party Joins the Mensheviks in 1903

Turns to the Bolsheviks a few years later where he lead the Red Army

Hugely intelligent

In opposition to Stalin

Fails to gain leadership against Stalin and was removed from power

Opposed Stalin's anti aggression pact with Hitler and as a result was assassinated under Stalin's orders in Mexico The Reign of Stalin Stalin became an expert in Genocide and all things involving BULK depopulation. He was one of the few individuals that the nut Hitler, could learn from.

Stalin collected land by force. During his reign, the industrial output of Russia soared, but the quality of human life plummeted.

He instigated the Ukrainian Famine which terminated all Ukrainian residents by means of starvation. The population was dead by the millions and Stalin shipped in Russians to Ukraine to repopulate.

Stalin was also at the center of a two year civil war in Russia (1918-1920), developed a 5 year plan to boost the Russian economy by any means - literally worked laborers to their core.

Stalin was ruthless and evil. Orwell came up with the setting for his novel after seeing a young boy whipping a carthorse. As he writes in his Preface, "It struck me that if only such animals became aware of their strength we should have no power over them, and that men exploit animals in much the same way as the rich exploit the proletariat (working class)" "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"
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