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AAP/ADA Case Type Review

No description

Nicole Greco

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of AAP/ADA Case Type Review

American Academy of Periodontology
Periodontal Disease Case Type

Case Type I: Gingivitis Only
Gingival inflammation
Includes presence of hyperplasia
No attachment loss
No mobility
No furcation involvement
Case Type II: Slight Chronic Periodontitis
10-20% reduction in bone
1-2mm loss of clinical attachment
Slight mobility may be present
Furcation limited to Class I
Probing depths may range from 4-5mm
Case Type III: Moderate Chronic Periodontitis
Moderate bone loss
25-30% reduction in bone
3-4mm loss of clinical attachment
Grade 1 mobility may be present
Furcation up to Class II
Probing depths may be 5-7mm
Case Type IV: Advanced Chronic or Aggressive Periodontitis
Severe bone loss
40%+ reduction in bone
>5mm loss of clinical attachment
Grade 2 or 3 mobility
Class II/III furcation involvement
Multiple teeth with guarded prognosis
Probing depths may be greater than 7mm
Case Types Versus Disease Classification
Case types describe disease severity only. AAP Classification of Periodontal Diseases and Conditions is a diagnosis of the etiology and condition, not just severity.

Example: A down syndrome patient with periodontal disease would be further classified as: Case Type II (slight chronic) AND Disease Type IV (periodontitis as a manifestation of systemic disease). This is a diagnosis of disease AND severity.
Case Type

Case Type designates disease severity only.
Disease must be diagnosed using disease type classification:

Type 1: Gingival Diseases
Type II: Chronic Periodontitis
Type III: Aggressive Periodontitis
Type IV: Periodontitis as a Manifestation of a Systemic Disease
Type V: Necrotizing Periodontal Disease
Type VI: Abscesses of the Periodontium
Type VII: Periodontitis Associated with Endodontic Lesions
Type VIII: Deformities and Conditions
Divides diagnosis into levels of severity
Intentionally vague, does not define specific periodontal infections (as does AAP classification types)
Used for Dental Hygiene Education (patient tracking) treatment planning, insurance
AAP Case Type
No Attachment Loss
Bleeding upon Probing
Pseudopocketting Present
Local Contributing Factors may be Present
Class I Furcation
By: Nicole Greco, BSDH, MA
Contact: IHatePlaque@aol.com
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