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Inbox by Gmail

No description

Aashish Vivekanand

on 6 March 2016

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Transcript of Inbox by Gmail

Check Mail.!
The main purpose is to check mail
Retain User created folders
Gmail become popular only due to the customization and the personalization. People move out of inbox due to over customization and stay in old gmail app
Over Customization leads to confusion
Grouping mails based on catagory
Usually mails are ordered based on some matching filter. its not yet fully efficient. It does match some travel related stuffs correctly. but most of the matching is approximate and not satisfactory
Grouping based on promotions
Most of the important mails end up in some or the other promotions which finally end up unread.
Inbox is a Mailbox by Gmail
Its sort of google now for the gmail. first the ui is so confusing and its not as clear as any other google app.
Inbox by Gmail
Current Way
Suggested Way
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