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Persuasive Speech Forni #21

No description

Briley Waldroop

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Persuasive Speech Forni #21

"Think twice before asking for favors."
"Don't ask for favors too casually or too often- recognize the amount of effort you're requesting. If possible, accomplish your task in some other way... Be clearly grateful for a favor done. Even if the task appeared easy for the person, give full credit- the person may be keeping the difficulties or unpleasantness of the effort from you."
-Jane Gallant Start Overview
You'll find yourself asking less.
Feel more responsible.
Be more grateful.
Understand the importance of favors
Be asked less for favors
Why? Forni's Rule #21 Briley Waldroop Forni's Rule #21 Importance of Thinking Twice People won't want to be around you
Expect it
Loss of appreciation
Found as a "Moocher"
Forni's Rule #21
Visual Aids
Call to Action
Conclusion Call to Action Ask for less favors.
Appreciate favors that are done for you.
Before you ask for a favor, ask yourself, "Is there a reason I'm not doing this myself?" Introduction
Forni's Rule #21
Visual Aids
Call to Action References Forni, P. M. (2002). Choosing civility: The twenty-five rules of considerate conduct. New York, United States of America: St. Martin's Press.
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