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Odysseus' Journey Time Line

By Emily Stephens

Emily Stephens

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Odysseus' Journey Time Line

A hero's journey by Emily Stephens Odysseus' Journey Timeline The Call The Threshold The Challenges Quote #1: "After declaring war on Troy, Menelaus recruited kings and soldiers from all around Greece to help him fight." #710 The Iliad Quote #1:"Steer wide; keep well to seaward;plug your oarsmen;s ears with beeswax kneaded soft;none of the rest should hear that song. But if you wish to listen, let the men tie you in the lugger, hand and foot,back to mast,so you may hear the harpies' thrilling voices..." #749 Beware The Sirens And Scylla and Charybdis The Transformation The Abyss The Revelation The Atonement The Return This represents the call because it describes how Odysseus' journey started. He was asked to help fight in the Trojan war, which was the jumping off point of his adventure. He had the decision to go or not, but he decided to take on the challenge. Quote #2: "Odysseus, king of Ithica...did not want to leave his family or his homeland. In order to avoid fighting, he acted as though he had gone mad." #710 The Iliad Some heroes are hesitant at first to start the journey. Even though he eventually goes through with it, Odysseus' hesitance and stalling shows that this is still the call and hasn't committed to the journey yet. Theme: You need to think things
over before jumping into them. Odysseus stalled for awhile and thought about
whether or not he should take the offer to fight in Troy.
He knew he would miss his family and home and that it may not be a good idea to leave. He needed to think it over
to make sure he made the right choice. Quote #1: "For ten years, The Greeks laid Siege to Troy but could not penetrate the city walls." #711 The Iliad This represents the threshold because
it's the beginning of the challenges Odysseus will face, but not very severe ones. It's simply just a road block. Quote #2: " ...'Clever Odysseus' devised a plan... His companions erected a giant wooden horse, a number of soldiers crept inside it, and what has become known as the Trojan horse was left outside the city. " #711 The Iliad With helpers, Odysseus was able overcome the road bump, which is a quality of the Threshold. He is also becoming sort of a mentor to the soldiers with his leadership and clever plans. Theme: Teamwork helps things be a success. Odysseus and the soldiers successfully made it into the city using teamwork. Some left fooling the people of Troy, while others were inside of the horse, then Odysseus cam up with the plan. It wouldn't have worked with one person. This is a challenge because passing the Sirens is a more difficult road block that Odysseus and his men face. It targets a weakness in them, ,making them want to gravitate towards the Sirens when they hear their voices. They also encounter loosing men and almost their ship to Scylla and Charybdis, which Odysseus has to be clever to avoid. Quote #2: "Neither reply nor pity came form him, but in one stride he clutched at my companions and caught two
in his hands..." #723 Land Of Cyclopes The encounter with Polyphemus was another challenge that happened to be very difficult and frightening. He lost many men and had to be especially clever to get his way out of it. Theme: Being clever is very effective when getting out of problems. Odysseus thought up several clever plans, such as riding underneath the sheep to escape Polyphemus' cave or talking to Circe so he can know what awaits ahead of him. He rarely uses physical strength or violence to solve/escape problems, just him mind. Quote #1: "Odysseus kills the suitor Eurymachus with another arrow. A chaotic battle follows in which Odysseus and Telemachus, aided by their two faithful servants, slay many of the suitors. " #778 Death In The Great Hall This is the abyss because it was the greatest challenge for Odysseus. It is very important that he gets rid of all the suitors because all he wants is his Penelope back and that's how he will live and get his power back. He faced this mainly alone without the helps of his soldiers. Quote #2: "...he draws between his thumb and forefinger a sweet new string upon a peg: so effortlessly Odysseus in one motion strung the bow. Then slid his right hand down the cord and plucked it , so taught gut vibrating hummed and sang a swallow's note." #775 The Test Of The Bow This is another part of the Abyss because Odysseus has to complete the Challenge that will get him back Penelope, by stringing his bow and shooting an arrow through some loops. Whether he completes the challenge successfully will either make him or break him. Theme: People will do anything to get someone
they love back. Odysseus was willing to do a difficult task that risked his life to the other suitors and kill many men to be with Penelope again. In other words, he would do anything to be with her again, that's how much he loves her. Quote #1: "...her knees grew tremulous and weak,her heart failed her. With eyes brimming tears she ran to him,throwing her arms around him, and kissed him..."#783 The Sign Of The Olive Tree Quote #2: " But here, now, what sign could be so clear as this of our own bed? No other man had laid eyes on it..."#783 The Sign Of The Olive Tree Odysseus' returns to his everyday life of being loved by Penelope. It didn't go smoothly at first because before this. She was was angry with him, but then realized how much she really missed him . After Odysseus being gone for a long time, he found out that this actually made his relationship stronger because Penelope didn't let any other man see the bed he built for them ( except her servant). He came back to a healthier relationship because of his leave which was a great reward. Theme: Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Odysseus being gone for a long time made his relationship with Penelope stronger. She realized how much she loved and missed him so she was extra affectionate towards him. She also showed her love by telling him that no other man has seen the special bed he built for him after he left, proving her faithfulness. Quote #1: "My lady goddess Penelope, here is no cause for anger. My quiet Penelope-how well I know-would seem a shade before your majesty, death and old age being unknown to you, while she must die. Yet, it is true, each day I long for home, long for the sight of home..." # 718 The Sweet Nymph Calypso Quote #2: "Odysseus set out to sea, but Poseidon sends a storm that destroys his raft. With the help of Athena he is saved, but just barely." #718 The Sweet Nymph Calypso Leaving Calypso's island is the transformation because it is the "re-birth" of Odysseus and his journey after being held hostage for so many years. He realizes that even Though Calypso and her island are beautiful, what he really longs for is home and Penelope. Odysseus becomes fearless as he sets out to sea for his second adventure. He has a new confidence about the journey unlike how he felt before leaving for Troy, especially with the help of gods like Athena and his crew. Theme: There's no place like home. Even though Calypso and her island are beautiful, Odysseus still wants to go back to his familiar home and wife. He wants to go home so badly that he sets out of a life threatening adventure to go back. Quote#1: "... the shipwrecked Odysseus is found by the king's daughter and brought to the royal palace. The king and queen offer to assist him on his journey home. At a banquet at their palace, a poet sings stories about the Trojan war, which sadden the hero. Odysseus then reveals his identity and tells the story of what happened to him after he left Troy." #719 I Am Laertes Son Quote #2: " What of my sailing, then, from Troy? What of those years of rough adventure weathered under Zeus?" #719 I Am Laertes Son At this part in his journey, Odysseus is offered help by the king and queen of Phaeacia. He is given rest and time to think about the journey ahead of him and gains a new perspective. That is why this is the revelation. Another reason " I Am Laertes Son" is the revelation is because it is the first time Odysseus shares his feelings and experiences in Troy. Talking this out helps give him closure on his traumatic experience. Theme: It helps to talk things out. Odysseus feels better and gains guidance after talking to the king and queen. He is ready to continue with his journey. All he needed was a little care. Quote #1: Held back too long, the tears ran down his cheeks as he embraced his son." # 768 Homecoming Quote #2: " This is not princely, to be swept away by wonder at your fathers presence. No other Odysseus will ever come, for he and I are one, the same, his bitter fortune and his wanderings are mine. Twenty years gone, and I am back again on my own island." #769 Homecoming This is the atonement because it shows that Odysseus is at one wit himself and concluding his journey. He finally gets to see his own son again and is overwhelmed with joy when he does. This is also the atonement because Odysseys accepts his role again as Telemachus' father and being back at his own home again. He feels complete and like his old self again. Theme: Coming home from a long journey can feel as though you never left. Odysseus took his role back as a father and Ithica being his home very fast, as though he never left. He felt at one with himself again.
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