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The Garden of Eve

No description

Amreen Wasson

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of The Garden of Eve

The Garden Of Eve
What is 'The Garden Of Eden'? Who is Rodney Clayton? Who is Evie? All of your questions will be answered in this presentation of the tremendous book called 'The Garden Of Eve'. Enjoy!
What attracted me to the book
The mystery part of this book really attracted me. The mysterious part was when Evie and Alex (acutally Adam) went to the magical garden (The Garden of Eden). They found glorious places but not one person. Strange. They found Eve, Rodney Clayton's sister. But she was dead. Also, the magical things happening to Evie really attracted me.
The Problem
When Evie and Alex (acutally Adam), went to the magical garden, they wanted to stay forever. But when Evie realizes that this wasn' t the great place, she went back to her house in Beaumont. Suddenly, the way she came in the garden, slowly dissapered. She wondered if she had made the right choice. Did she?
What I liked about the book
I really liked when the author described how the both kids went to the garden. I loved when there was comedy in the story. HA! HA! Also, I liked how the ending of the chapters were catchy.
The Changes I'd Make To The Story
If I was the author, I would have changed some of the language in it. There were some words that were not meant for little kids. Also, I would have changed the book by adding some pictures because the book can be for grades 3-4 if there were pictures.
What would you do if you had lost a parent? Evie has the same problem. She has lost her mother. She has moved to Beaumont with her dad and bought an old house. Over the days, she has learned about a girl, named Eve, a curse about the orchard she was living in, and a boy who claims to be dead. She used to believe in magic but not anymore. But now she knows that she is not in a normal life, . . . .anymore.
My Ratings To The Book
4 ratings to the book
Author: K . L . Going
Presentation By: Amreen Wasson
The genre of this book is fantasy and mystery. Both of those genres are my top favourite.
What is going in your mind right now? Do you like the presentation? Do you think you like the book? Yes or no? Well, I hoped you liked the presentation. Thanks for watching! (Or listening. It's up to you)
Would I Recommend This Book?
I would recommend this book because it is a not-hard book. The words are not hard and they are medium-size letters. I would recommend it to any one who likes fantasy and mysteries.
About The Author
K . L . Going was born on August 21, 1973, Rhinebeck, New York, United States. She enjoys her spare time writing books. She started to make books in college. Some of the books she has made are picture books, middle age books and young adult books.
Other Books By K . L . Going
Some other books K.L. Going has made are 'Fat Kid Rules The World' , 'Dog In Charge' , 'King Of The Screw Ups' and much more!
My Challenge Level
The challenge level was not hard and no that easy. So I gave it 3 stars
This is a book trailer of 'The Garden Of Eve'. I hope you like it!
The End!
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