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The world of minecraft!

Matthew Field

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of MineCraft!

The World of Surviving! 1-Get Wood 2-Make Tools 3-Mine Cobble 4-Find A Mine 5-Find Ore 5-Make A house Animals And Mobs
In Minecraft Animals -Pig -Sheep -Wolf -Chicken -Cow Mobs -Creeper -Skeleton -Zombie -Spider -Enderman armour!!! How To Find
Diamonds Armour makes you stronger against mobs,fall damage,lava etc. there is 4 different types of armour leather, iron, gold and diamond, diamond armour is the best because its the strongest mineral in the game! Get an iron pick and mine to bedrock then mine the stone and find the very bottom of the world and then count up 12 blocks then strip-mine, mine straight at level 12 then at ever 2 block mine to the side! and just keep on going!
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