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Mrs. Koshy- more than just Spanish grammar

No description


on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Mrs. Koshy- more than just Spanish grammar

So have you looked at
Mrs. Koshy and thought...
....she is crazy! All she does is nag me about Spanish grammar? Does she remember what it was like to be a kid?
well let's see...
grade in NYC
"I hope
7th grade
isn't going
to be scary."
okay, 7th grade is fun, but what's next? Will I stay in
NYC forever?
... high school
... college
Pleezz. You wouldn't look
like a super model if you
sat through a 17 hour train
ride in China for the first
time in your life!

... teach in a couple of states

...study abroad in a few countries
7th grade in NYC
didn't see that coming!
nothin like a fresh
lunch after
a little kungfu!
burgers, too
met some great students, too
This Hard Rock Cafe takes the necessary precautions to ensure my safety during my meals!
Had two awesome teams
When SARS broke out
we had to make sure
we stayed healthy with hi-tech methods
We also made sure we protected our loved ones
here are some signs
i've seen along the way-
thought provoking
this was at the
bottom of a montain I
had just hiked
watch out for
falling people?
can ET phone home
from here?
As opposed to....
this is exactly why
we must conjugate
"to be"!
...and others
"Here's lookin at
you, kid!"
The Stone Forest
hangin with
locals on a two-
day train ride
Great Wall
5K run!
Just can't enough
of this Great Wall!

I hope this little
window to what I've
seen inspires you to go and
see what's beyond your
perifery. Leave your footprints somewhere you never new loved! Give it a chance. You might see a side of yourself you never knew about!

See you at the gate!
chillin with my
new friend in
I am still a little hungry.
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