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Of Mice and Men: Context - segregation

No description

Kate Ryan

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men: Context - segregation

What do you think about the use of the N-word in Of Mice and Men?

Should it be used in the book? Microcosm: a literary term used to describe how a large world/society can be illustrated in the form of a small world. Racial segregation: the separation of humans into racial groups in daily life. In the 1920s you would’ve found in America
Black towns,
Prospering centres of economics and education to make you proud
But some people couldn’t bear that the former slaves would not just lie down
So the KKK and other hate groups burnt those towns to the ground
Killin hundreds,
If it ain’t understood,
You think you were always livin’ in the hood?
It’s only been sixty years
Since they hung blacks and burned em’
And that was so cool
Day reel passes, picnic baskets
Even gave kids the day off school
To go see a lynchin’
Have a picnic
It’s fun to watch the little monkeys die AKALA Slavery officially
abolished in 1865 Everyone is free? Segregation was widespread, particularly in southern states. Black Americans were the victims of violent racist crimes. The KKK (Klu Klux Klan), a racist organisation ran by whites. What is your initial reaction to this information?

How does it help you to understand Crooks? “Crooks has his own room, furniture, and books, hence, he is better off than the other ranch hands. He is not a victim of racism.” Do you agree or disagree with
this statement? Explain why. How important is it to understand the historical context of racism in America? How is Crooks
affected by racism? The N word Is Steinbeck glorifying racism, or making a statement against it?
What role does Crooks play in this book?
Do you think that Steinbeck is racist? Extended Questions Go for gold! Use the keywords from the start of the lesson in your answer.

Use quotations from the book in your answer. OF MICE AND MEN CONTEXT: Segregation Racism What were the main feelings about the N word in the clip?

Have your views on the N word changed after watching the clip? Why did Steinbeck use it? To Shock To show
realism To be
racist Why do you think I don't like us to use it when we read?
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