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Our Community Garden

No description

Jaskirit Dhugga

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Our Community Garden

Our Community Garden
- It brings the community together by participating
- Everyone will get to know one another by working together
- Everyone will have fun gardening

By Lydia Jaskirit And Candace
When will this happen?
We will be creating the garden in the spring so the fruits and vegetables will have more of a chance to grow.
Our Big Inquiry Question
How can we persuade AUPS to help create a community garden?
Some Questions You Might Have
1. How is a community garden a good idea ?

2.Who is allowed to help in the community garden?

3. How can a community garden benefit our community?
Making A Healthy Food Choice
Which is healthier?
How Will A Community Garden Benefit The Community ?
Who Will Work In he Community?
Children will work in the community with seniors and parents. School student's from all grades staff will be able to help and garden.
Why A Comunity Garden Is A Good Idea
A community garden is a good idea because :
- We get fresh vegetables
- It reduces our carbon footprint
- When there will be fresh vegetables, we will donate the vegetables to the Food Bank for people who don't have food
Who Is Invited To Help ?
Everyone is invited to help. The community garden is open to everyone!! ( example; Parent Council , Students, Teachers, Day Care, The Community )
Thank You For Your Time To Watch Our Presentation!!! We Hope You're Just As Excited As Us!!
Answer To Our Big Inquiry Question
We can persuade A.U.P.S by telling everyone how good a community garden is .
Our Sources
- Fliker.com
- Almanac.com
- Wikimedia.com
- FlikR123.com
- Google Images
The End
We Might Be Growing Carrots!
We are also having a sale in March and April for gently loved kids' books and stuffies. The money we will get will be for buying materials for the garden.
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