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Byron Shales's Life Timeline

The 70's movie timeline.

taylor marnin

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Byron Shales's Life Timeline

Byron Shales's life from the 70's May 4th 1970 Byron was at the Kent State shooting, one of his good friends Dexter was involved in the shooting. Byron talked to an upset Dexter about the Kent State shooting. After Kent State Byron moved to New York City with Eileen While in a taxi with Elizabeth who works on Capital Hill,he blurted out about a civil movement, and Elizabeth got him a job in Washington for his outspoken words. Byron quit School for his job for Politics in Washington. He had a romance with Eileen and Elizabeth, and Eileen shortly found out about Elizabeth After president Nixon was Re-elected Byron met John Mitchell. Mitchell offered Byron a job at the White house, and Byron took it. 1972 Byron Drew a map of the Watergate office complex shortly after Nixons re-election investigations of the Watergate Scandal became high-priority Went to Dexters wedding, and re-met Eileen. They had a romantic evening together, the next day Dexter and Byron got in a fight. May 30th 1972 Byron Begins to feel guilty Byron ran from FBI looking fellows, and later was caught and served with papers regaurding the Watergate Scandal Byron went to court and Was truthfull and confessed that he had drawn the map of the Watergate offices. Gerald Ford Becomes president August 8th 1974 August 9th 1974 Nixon Resigns Christmas 1975 On Christmas eve of 1975 Byron tried to marry Eileen but she denied him. 1977 Byron took off to help run oil pipelines from alaska to the United States 1978 Called Eileen and had the Oil spillage cleaned up Byron, Dexter, and Eileen save Christie from "The Path" 1980 Married Eileen
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