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The Arsenal Way

No description

dan gerrard

on 26 November 2015

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Transcript of The Arsenal Way

'On-Field' Vs Commercial Marketing Success
- The 'Arsenal Way'

'Arsenalisation' as distinct from 'McDonaldization/Disneyfication?'

Overseas support
UEFA Champions League
International players
Arsenal TV
Building the membership base - locally & internationally
Best in class
Increase commercial revenue
Kit deal
Challenger strategy - Bouchet et al., 2013
Brand extension
Brand DNA

How to achieve competitive advantage?
www.arsenal.com - "the net simultaneously empowers both the supporter/customer and the club itself" (Beech et al., 2000)
CRM System
12 million Facebook fans
2 million Twitter followers
Relationship Marketing
Consumer shift from the 'product' to the 'brand' - Bouchet et al., 2013
Arsene Wenger - Who?!
USPs-ESPs: From 'Boring Boring Arsenal' to the 'Invincibles'
Batchelor, B. & Formentin, M. (2008): Re-branding the NHL: Building the league through the “My NHL” integrated marketing campaign, Public Relations Review 34, 156-160

Beech, J. & Chadwick, S. (2007) (ed) The Marketing of Sport. Harlow: Pearson Education.

Beech, J. Chadwick, S. and Tapp, A. (2000) ‘Surfing in the premier league: key issues for football club marketers using the Internet’ Managing Leisure: An International Journal 5 p.51-64.

Bodet, G. (2009) ‘Give me a stadium and I will fill it: an analysis of the marketing management of Stade Francais Paris rugby club’ International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship April p252-262.

Bouchet, P., Hillairet, D. & Bodet, G. (2013) Sport Brands. London: Routledge.
Chadwick, S. & Arthur, D. (2008) International Cases in the Business of Sport. Oxford: Elsevier.

Couvelaere, V. & Richelieu, A. (2005): Brand Strategy in Professional Sports: The Case of French Soccer Teams, European Sport Management Quarterly, 5:1, 23-46

"In 1997 the Premier League television rights were sold for over £647m for four years and in 2002 for £1.6 billion for four years. Despite this economic boost, however, there has been a highly uneven performance by Premier League teams with pre‐tax profits running in the red for many clubs, although Manchester United (up to 2005) and Arsenal were the only consistent positive performers." Nauright & Ramfjord (2010)
"The Gunners had matchday revenue of $149 million during the 2011-12 season, the third-highest in soccer, due to capacity crowds at Emirates Stadium."
Source: Forbes
"Arsenal remain the only club in the top 20 for whom matchday revenue is their largest revenue source."
Source: Deloitte
"This is a fan articulation about how the club operates with class, is forward looking and is all about building belonging amongst fans. If we consistently communicate these core attributes of Arsenal football club through our marketing we will go a long way to building the Arsenal brand consistently."
Charles Allen
"The 2013/14 season saw Arsenal qualify for the
Champions League for the 17th consecutive season.
Continued participation in Europe’s top tier clubs
competition is a necessity in order to maintain their
position towards the top of the Money League, whilst
improved on-pitch performance as well as commercial
revenue growth are also essential if the Gunners are to
break back into the top five and avoid being overtaken
by Manchester City."
The Future...
'Fan' v 'Consumer' - Nauright & Ramfjord, 2010
The emotional connection - Elliott, 1998
Brands and the socialisation process
Brand/Fan equity - Hamil, 2008
Local to Global
'Brand communities'- Grant et al., 2011
Segmentation - Multiple revenue streams
Match Day/Hospitality
"Everyone attached to the Club knows how big a role Highbury played in shaping not only our past, with so many wonderful footballing memories, but also our future with the vision for our many plans linked with keeping the history and principles of the Club alive."
Chairman - Peter Hill-Wood
Ancillary use

"We are always looking for ways to improve the experience for all supporters at Emirates Stadium. Last season we re-graded matches to create approximately 90,000 lower-priced tickets over the course of a season, starting from £25.50 for members.
This season we launched the Young Guns Enclosure for our supporters aged between 12 and 16. This provides 1,000 tickets at a fixed price of £10 to 14 Premier League games. This is in addition to our policy of offering £10 and £5 tickets for our Capital One Cup home games."

Salary Cap
Shrewd transfer strategy
Season Tickets
Strategy learns
'Prawn sandwich brigade'
Steps to retain history yet evolve with time
Over-extension V adadptation
Strategic evolutions driven by the endogenous (within the firms and organisations) and exogenous (market and socioeconomic) environments. Bouchet et al,. 2013
Manchester United 1 - Arsenal 0
Elberse, A. & Sir Alex Ferguson (2013): Ferguson's Formula, Harvard Business Review, Vol. 91 Issue 10, p116-150.

Elliott, R. (1998) A Model Of Emotion-Driven Choice, Journal of
Marketing Management, 14:1-3, 95-108, DOI: 10.1362/026725798784959408

Hamill, S. (2008) Manchester United: The commercial development of a global football brand

Nauright, J. & Ramfjord, J. (2010): Who owns England's game? American professional sporting influences and foreign ownership in the Premier League, Soccer & Society, 11:4, 428-441

Pederson, P.M. (2013) Routledge Handbook of Sport Communication. London: Routledge.

BBC News. 2007. ‘Foreign Cash Can Boost Arsenal’. BBC News, August 31 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/6971124.stm.

Holmes, L. April 22 2007. “‘Stan Kroenke Targets Arsenal’”. April 22, http://english-premier-league.suite101.com/article.cfm/american_kroenke_targets_arsenal.

"Many of them do not have the benefit of a club allegiance passed down through generations of the same family, and you can hardly say that Arsenal is their local club. We therefore need to engage with these fans in a more culturally relevant and personal way. We produce a lot of China specific content around Chinese festivals and celebrations and get our players involved in special activities like web chats."

Charles Allen
Deloitte Football Money League 2013 - http://www.deloitte.com/view/en_GB/uk/industries/sportsbusinessgroup/sports/football/deloitte-football-money-league/c0d0cc64dac5c310VgnVCM3000003456f70aRCRD.htm

Market leader inteview - Charles Allen, Head of Marketing at Arsenal FC - http://www.creativebrief.com/blog/2013/05/20/market-leader-interview-%E2%80%93-charles-allen-head-of-marketing-at-arsenal-football-club/


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