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Which popcorn pops the best?

Merycon Baptista, Tenasri Mohammed AP Statistics, Period 3

Merycon B.

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Which popcorn pops the best?

Conditions of inference:
The conditions of inference below will be considered and met before proceeding to use the 2-sample t Test:
1. Both samples are SRS's of the population of interest; randomly chosen boxes and packs of popcorn.
2. Samples are independent; not one bag of popcorn influences another.
3. Population is greater than 10 times n

Plugged into the
TI-nspire CX calculator using the 2-Sample t-test:
Based on the data collected, the following is used to find the p-value and degrees of freedom of the data:
x1: 15.772
Sx1: 5.92105
N1: 5
x1: 19.72
Sx1: 1.43875

We predict there will not be a significant difference in amount of popcorn kernels unpopped between the two brands. However, there is a possibility one brand will leave more unpopped kernel than another.

Data collection:
We randomly selected a box of Orville popcorn and a box of Pop weaver popcorn from Walmart both at 1.16 pound packs each. Each box contained 6 packages of popcorn. We will randomly select 5 packages from the box and pop them. For each package, we will count both the unpopped & popped kernels to find the percentage of how many kernels are left in each package and also the total amount of popcorn in total in the bag. In order to get the desired results, the mean and standard deviation that represents the entire box of popcorn will be found.


We are interested in what type of popcorn pops the best. We will be comparing the popular brand name popcorn and the generic popcorn to see which one leaves the largest percentage of unpopped kernels. We want to see if there is a difference in brand name versus generic named popcorn. Does the name of the popcorn really matter when it comes to cost and its amount of popcorn cooked? Does the name of the popcorn live up to the expectations or is it a scam?

Which popcorn pops the best?

Date Collected:
Data graphed:

Summary statistics:
The following are the results calculated:
“Title” “2-Sample t-Test”
“Alternate Hyp: μ1<μ2”
“Null Hyp: μ1=μ2”
“Pval: 0.104464”
“df: 4.47071”
Merycon Baptista | Tenasri Mohammed
We have concluded there is significant difference between which brand of popcorn pops the best. According to the random samples of popcorn, Orville appears to leave the least amount of kernels. However, the probability of Orville leaving the least amount of kernels unpopped has a 1.04% chance, which is high. Therefore, there is significant difference between the popular Orville Brand and the non-popular brand, Pop Weaver. The popular, Orville popcorn brand lives up to its expectation of providing more popcorn.
The following graph represents the percentage of unpopped kernels that have occurred repeatedly in the sample. Each kernel has repeatedly occurred 1-2 times, meaning it leaves a greater outlook of which popcorn is least considered.
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