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No description

keisha wigner

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Cults

By Keisha Wigner When did cults become about? What is the Culture of Cults? Why Would Someone Join a Cult? Why Don't Cults Fit into the Mainstream of Society? * Began around the time that the neolithic
came about
* Which also happen to be when civilization
* 100,00 B.C * Aspirational people
* May seem bipolar
* Dualistic
* Hierarchial *Want meaningful life
* Feel safe
* Feel Wanted
* Hidden Fantasy How Can You Tell if You
Are in a Cult? What Are Some Myths About Cults? Some Myths...
* people are mindless fanatics
* people in cults wear robes
* Cultism is no different than Christianity
* cult members stay cause they are weak How Do Cults Recruit? * Religious abuse
* Manipulation
* Instant intimacy
* Immediate importance Top Ten Cults in America
1. Church of bible understanding
2. Manson Family
3. Aum Shinrikyo
4. Restoration of the 10 commandments
5. Raelism
6. Scientology
7. Order of the Solar Temple
8. Heaven's Gate
9. Branch Davidians
10. Unification Church Conclusion
Cults in today's society is neither good or bad and to this day this still remain a mystery What Are the Top Ten Cult in America?
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