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4 Reasons for Colonization of Africa

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Jennifer Ledesma Gomez

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of 4 Reasons for Colonization of Africa

By: Jennifer Ledesma Gomez Four Reasons for colonization of Africa. Trade Slavery Culture Raw Materials -Europeans needed resources to make stuff to sell in
Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

- Europeans were in search of timber, gold, diamond,
spices, and agricultural products from Africa.

- Raw Materials were taken to Europe to be
manufactured, then the finished products were
sold back to colonies.

- Bring european culture to Africa
- Education
- Languages
- Traditions

- Bring religion to Africa, mainly Christianity.

- European colonists forced their own culture, language,
and religion on the local Africans.

-Local Africans were educated just enough to
work the tasks given to them by colonial
leaders. - Needed a work face to farm in the new world.

- Africans were forced to grow cash crops like
cocoa, coffee, and tea. This caused food shortages. - Slaves were also forced to work on developing
infrastructure for new colonies - Open up trade to other areas.

- Positive trade balance. More exports than imports.

- Protect trade routes.
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