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Queen "Bloody" Mary Tudor

End of year project for Mrs. Moore's class.

Heaven Anderson

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Queen "Bloody" Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor "the Bloody Mary"
By; Heaven Anderson Getting Older Leaving Her Mark The Legend of the Blood A Tragic End Work Cited A King? Trouble in Paradise A New Kingdom Marriage or Not? A Daughter is Born. Virginals and Lutes. The Brains and Talent. Mary I was born on Monday, February 18, 1516. Her Parent's were Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She was baptized the following Wednesday. Cardinal Wolsey stood as her godfather. Mary was extremely intelligent. At the age of approximately 4 and a half she was seen playing the virginals, entertaining guests. When she was almost nine she began learning not only Latin, but Spanish, Italian, and French as well. Mary's education was due to her mother's strict teaching. Also, she was a master at the lute. When Mary was only two years old she was proposed to be married to Francis I. A short three years later, the French alliance was broken off and the engagement was terminated. In 1522 she was arranged again with her cousin Charles V but neither of them agreed. Mary's engagements were a failure as a direct cause of her parent's marriage. She was marked illegitimate because of the failed marriage. When Henry married his second wife, Anne Boleyn, they gave birth to Mary's half sister, Elizabeth. Anne did not want Mary to succeed the throne. Instead she wished for Elizabeth to. After Mary's father passed away, her half brother Edward VI took the throne. When it came near Edwards end, he tried to make it impossible for either of his two sisters to take the throne, but for Lady Jane Grey. This enraged Mary and her people stood behind her and helped her regain her rightful place as queen. Mary was made Queen of England on July 19th,1553. Mary chose Philip (II) of Spain to be her king. Philip was
the son of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Many people in England did not like the idea of such a close link to Spain and thought that Philip would take control of England. They thought he would force the country into his conflicts with Europe. The country rebelled at the thought of this new king. Several men were killedbut that did not stop the marriage of the two. Philip arrived in England in July 1554 and on the 25th of the same month he and Mary were married at Winchester Cathedral. Her nickname- Bloody Mary- came from the number of Protestant Tudors who were executed during her reign. The name was not given to her until after her death. It was given to her for all the religious killings of those who did not obey her. Her nickname indicates that she had been the cause of several hundred deaths. But in fact, she only killed 287 protestants. When Queen Elizabeth ruled she saw the attempt of attack from the former hated Spanish King- Philip II- and the Spanish Armada. Under these circumstances the name of the Mary Tudor was totally blackened. Queen Mary was given the name 'Bloody Mary'. And this is how she is still referred to in England. Twice during Queen Mary's reign it was believed that she was with child, and even showed the signs of pregnancy. It seems that she had a "hysterical pregnancy" - she had convinced herself so much so that her body responded as if she were pregnant. It has also been supposed that she might have had an ovarian cyst that not only prevented her from conceiving a child, but could have contributed to her early death in 1558.Seeing as this was, her husband, deserted her to go back and rule the spanish throne. Facing the facts that she could never produce and heir to her throne she turned the throne over the her younger sister, to become Queen Elizabeth I. http://www.timeref.com/hpr2115.htm
http://departments.kings.edu/womens_history/marytudor.html In The Beginning.
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