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Al Hayah Neonatology Center

No description

Mohamed Bayoumi

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of Al Hayah Neonatology Center

Market Profile
Population in Al Hawamdeya & near by target areas is nearly 1.200.000
6000 birth per year (900 of them need NICU admission)
2 OBGYN private hospitals
1 OBGYN public hospital
10 private clinics
Market Profile
Pregnant women
Near by hospitals
Birth centers
Employers of near by organizations
Health insurance companies
Others eg: Third party, charity givers
42% of infant deaths of our country occur within first 28 days of life
Hayah Neonatal Center
"Every Life Counts"
Who are we?!
We are a Marketing team Dedicated to making life a better place, Our team members:
Ahmed El Atfeehy
Dalia Rasheed
Hassan El Masry
Mohamed Bayoumi
Mohamed Osama
OUR Vision
Within Five years, we will be the primary and preferred health care provider with the major market share in the area.
We will build a healthier and stronger community by cherishing our newborns’ welfare through compassionate, highly skilled, family-oriented care.
We are non for profit organization working efficiently as a team to provide excellence in the care of neonates and their families
we provide a model of effective integration of evidence-based family-centered approaches.
• 47% of preterm babies die because of the lack of NICU units

• Each NICU incubator can serve only 30 babies annually

• The average stay in each NICU unit is from 4- 21 days??

• There are annually 280,000 preterm births in Egypt

• The price of each NICU unit is around 250,000 EGP

What Can I
1-Market size
2-Market composition
Customer Segmentation
Market Profile
Parents : 18-50yrs,
Average income: 500-2000 EGP
low and middle social class
Education : high degree , college , graduate mostly uneducated
Al Hawamdeya & near by areas ( Abo el Nomros , Al Ayat , Al Badrasheen , ..)
Population is about 1, 200,000
Population density : urban , suburban , rural
Psycho Graphic
Personality : traditional , materialistic
life style : family centered , workaholic
Motives : safety , status , convenience

benefits sought : Quality , value , security , safety , speed , convenience .
product usage : heavy , medium , light users , first time users
price sensitivity : price sensitive , value conscious

Market Profile
3-Health status: incidence of neonates requiring NICU is roughly 15% annually in Giza, about 900 in Al Hawamdeya

4-Health service Demand: experienced neonatologists, Nurses, pediatricians(only 6 available !!)& other medical personnel

5-Availability of resources:
44 NICUs in public sector, 18 are under maintenance e`no Ventilators
33 NICUs in private sector only 6 with ventilators

H.N.C S.W.O.T Analysis
• New and high quality incubators (40)
• 4 Mechanical ventilators
• 5 Nasal CPAP
• Monitor for each patient
• Portable X-ray machine
• Indoor laboratory
• Two Fully equipped ambulances.
• Family oriented setting
• Highly skilled staff.
• Competitive prices.
• Portable incubator with its own oxygen supply.
• Environment full of love and passion.
2. Weaknesses

• Competing with public and private centers.
• Unknown to the public.
• Under developed networking
• Still no pharmacy
• EMR not available
• Still no insurance coverage
• No CT or ECHO
• Still not ISO certified
• Attractive growing market
• High need for such service
• Few competitors
• Poor service provided
• Large population size
• High birth rate
• Increased public awareness to the importance of such services.

4. Threats
• Governmental rules, policies and licenses.
• Low-income patients.
• Competitors will fight back.
• Referring physicians.
• Public and private competitors
• High cost of product development.
• Local culture e.g. delivering at home, home therapy, etc.
H.N.C Competitors and Their SWOT Analysis
Al-Hawamdya General Hospital
Al-Islamia charity Hospital
Private Center
• 3 consultants
• 7 residents.
• 44 Incubators
• Indoor Lab.
• Indoor Pharmacy.
• 2 ambulances
• It is a public hospital.
• 18 non-functioning incubators.
• No mechanical ventilators.
• Consultants are not available 24/7, Head of Dept is IM specialist
• No available medications in the pharmacy.
• No portable x-ray or incubators

• Patients are covered by insurance.
• Low socio-economic status

• New competitors with higher quality and ISO certified

Al-Hawamdya General Hospital
• Indoor Lab.
• Cheaper prices
• X-ray and U/S
• 2 mechanical ventilators
• 6 residents
• Unavailable ABG.
• No portable X-ray.
• 1 Consultant (not 24/7)
• No insurance
• No portable incubator.

• Increase of Market needs
• Poor quality in Public hospital
• New competitors
• Presence of public Hospital (Price)

Al-Islamia charity Hospital
Private Center
• 10 incubators
• Indoor lab.
• CT, X-ray, U/S
• 2 ambulances
• ISO certified.
• Large & new building.
• 1 consultant. (Not 24/7)
• 2 residents only.
• Leased
• Rented mechanical ventilators when needed.
• 3000 LE in advance.
• No portable incubators.
• Poor quality in Public hospital
• Increase market demand of the service
• New competitors.
• Presence of public Hospital (Price)
Market growth strategies
Step 1. Market penetration strategy :
least risky way at the beginning
penetrate market to increase my market share
gain competitor's customers
attracting users of different services

Market share
Product Market Relationship :
Step 2 product development strategy :
new specialized services to same existing market eg pediatric surgery unit
Gain new customers &
staying in tune with customers
market demand of this area ( lack in no of pediatricians and Neonatologists )
our strategy is customer driven which is competitive edge for the center.
Adopting a
concentration strategy
gains advantage to analyze the needs & wants of only one segment & focus all efforts on It.
NICU Service in Al hawamdeya
Total= 8488
public= 2639
private= 5849
NB. 15 % of the incubators in the public sector are under maintenance
Product Life Cycle
Step 2 Market specialization
We will establish a high quality neonatology and pediatric center Aiming to :

greater economic efficiency
consumer benefits

Competitive strategies :
Groundwork required Before Challenging competitors
Who are the competitors
Financial standing of competition
Market share of competitors
Our Goals and assumptions
SWOT Analysis
Probable reactions from competitors
Step 1 : Frontal attack and flanking Strategies
The center will confront
Al hawamdeya
public hospital head on by focusing on center's points of
to be market leaders and confront the
private sector
by focusing on their
(high price)
Step 2 Dominance Strategy
We will remain the number one player in the market by:
Expand total market by finding new users ,new areas, encouraging more usage
Protecting market share by developing new product ideas & improving customer service
The 7Ps of Marketing
"H.N.C" services offered
High level incubators (15)
Med-level incubators (15)
Low-level incubators (10)
observation room (5)
Mechanical ventilators (8)
Walk- in clinic
Out-patient Medication Administration
Health events
educational Flyers
Vaccination scheduling
Breastfeeding education
We are a secondary care level facility providing inpatient and outpatient as well as emergency services 24/7 that covers both clinical and educational aspects
Product Strategy
Unique selling proposition strategy :
Product benefits that
competitors don't have
(Ventilators , portable incubators ,high quality service with low price)
different & memorable
in customers' mind
family-oriented care
filled with love and passion
Pricing Strategy
Penetration Strategy
Aim to offer
high quality
service with
low price
Price per night about 300 egp
10 % off on referral cases from physicians & birth centers
15-20% off for employers ( third party companies )
-Health promotion services for free

Al hawamdeya, Giza
The total number of NICUs in public sector is 44
18 of them are under maintenance
No Ventilators in any of them

The total number of NICUs in the private sector is 33
only six of them are with ventilators
their price ranges from 500 - 1000 EGP per night

There are several cities around al Hawamdeya have
at all like "Al Badrasheen", "Al Ayaat" and "Abo El Nomros"
Well trained, highly qualified skilled staff of physicians, nurses and workers who cares about customer in 1st place & offers service in atmosphere full of love & passion
5.Process "Positioning"
We are dedicated for patient satisfaction & care to offer services in a qualified
way to customer
Promotional Strategies
Resonance Strategy
Emotional Strategy
Depending on the Customer
Sponsored TV Advertisement
Outdoors (Billboards, Posters, backs of street benches ,mobile advertising displayed on buses)
Printed Flyers
Make my business & product name familiar to the public
build a favorable image for organization
Educate & inform the public , building customer loyalty

TV Advertisement
Posters and Flyers
2.Personal Selling
Mainly with:
Birth centers
Insurance companies
Near by companies (sugar company)

high cost
message may be inconsistent
reach may be very limited

Convince new customers to use service
keep existing customer satisfied
3.Public Relations
for physicians about recent services
for neonatology meetings
Community relations
eg : decorating main squares in Giza
( vaccination campaigns for free )

Mutual understanding
between organization & public.
Good relations
with the stakeholders
Building a
good image
for center
Generate positive
word of mouth
& referrals from satisfied customers.
Low cost , easily implemented
4.Sales Promotion
Health fairs
Price discounts for referral cases from physicians & birth centers
Price discount for employers in 3rd parties
Low cost
High ability to target particular audiences
AIDA Model
We will introduce our new services
via sponsored TV ads, local educational fairs, flyers and free gifts.
aiming to increase the awareness within the community towards the services we offer.

High quality care with competitive prices.
Detailed descriptions of devices and equipment e.g. Portable incubator, mechanical ventilators and indoor lab.
different services to take care of your newborn.
Regular educational and health promoting meetings.


To favor our center and our services over the competitors.
To feel that we are their partners in taking care of their children


Improve communications and feedback from the community
Be part in our progress and development within the community

Contemporary marketing
techniques :
Programmatic Marketing Strategies
B To B
Focus on logic & features of the service
physicians ,
birth centers ,
major hospitals
Insurance companies ,near by major companies
targeted to:
B to C
focus on benefits of service
by social media (facebook , internet website, printed adds , articles on center website or on other sites , in personal events , public services

by public relations , Events , social media , personal selling
targeted directly to clients and customers
Increasing awareness of service
showcasing features and benefits of services
generating sales
connecting with key decision makers
providing customer service and support
generating positive word of Mouth
Goals Programatic Approach:
Branding Strategies
We will adopt Co-branding Strategy
more sales income, risk-sharing
greater customer trust
wide scope due to joint advertising,
technological benefits,
better product image
greater access to new sources of finance.

Introduction phase :
main service (neonatology care) , price penetration strategy, maximum investment on product
High Cost
Ethical Objections
(physical environment)
Place is well setup
Friendly well trained Staff
Parking Lot
Nice and tidy waiting rooms
Customer service

Thank you
shokr 5as lel thary el 3araby
Short term orientation
Doesn't Promote Loyalty
Not completing communication process
Ethical objections
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