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The Destructors

No description

Sergio Berumen

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of The Destructors

Unruly The Destructors Name: Henry Graham Greene
Birth Date: October 02, 1904
Death Date: April 03, 1991
Education: Balliol College
Place of Birth: Hertfordshire, England
Place of Death: Vevey, Switzerland
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Awards: Jerusalem Prize, Dos Passos Prize, Edgar Grand Master Award
Genres: Literary fiction, Thriller
Suffered from bipolar disorder
Married Vivien Dayrell-Browning in 1927
Lived in the same town as Charlie Chaplin in Vevey
During WWII Greene left England for West Africa as a secret intelligence officer for the british government Author Plot Summary Introduction:
- Wormsley Common gang
Trevor/ T

Rising Action:
- T’s plan of destroying Old Misery’s house
- T feels like he is now the leader of the gang

- Mr. Thomas comes home early from vacation as they were destroying his house
- T loses control and Blackie helps T regain control

Falling Action:
- T has to think of a solution to the problem
- Ends up locking Mr. Thomas in his own loo

- When the driver of the lorry no longer sees the house that was once present Special Effects Irony T admires creation and art though destruction but his father was an architect in an opposite way. Mike decide to going to the church but ended up destroying the house T doesn't hate old misery even though he destroyed the house. Symbolism Old Misery's house The name Trevor Foreshadowing When Trevor joined the gang, he was to be the leader Conflict
Person v.s Person
Person v.s Society

add interest
moves the plot forward
connected with the theme and the setting. Theme Central idea:
The human nature and personalities at the time
A choice between two leaders to follow portrays the 19th hundred era , England in the season of fall.
the author uses children as characters to represent the time where crime was rampant after the war. Conflicts: Revenge Leadership Loss of pride Fire of hatred Tricky kindness Setting: Greed, Simpleminded Pretending Old Misery Why is the story important? A reflection that reminds generations of readers of the old England and encourage readers to understand and alter the outcome of social challenges Author's writing style. Point of View - Third Person Limited Omniscient
- Seen through Blackie’s thoughts
- He worries about Trevor when he says “beautiful house”
- His thoughts as Trevor takes on leadership for destruction
- Parts of Old Misery’s point of view
- Surprised when Trevor asks for help
- Thoughts in outhouse
-Has a great effect on story
-Can understand decisions made by seeing both points of view rather than objective point of view
- Easier to analyze story with right amount of thoughts
-More perspectives help gain more insight and meaning to story
- Help foreshadow events
- Trevor’s sudden leadership foreshadows exciting event
- Too many thoughts makes story less interesting
- We would know what would happen
- Fewer thoughts makes story harder to understand
- Don’t know why Trevor visited house and wanted destruction
- Right amount of thoughts would lead to unexpected results and interesting plot
- Old Misery’s early arrival
- Don’t know his point of view before or else see it coming Setting Bank Holiday Weekend in August
-Sunday and Monday
- Spooky weather of thunder
- Events are more suspenseful
- Creates stressful, tense mood
Helps the unexpected events to surprise reader
Poor neighborhood
-Demolished parking lot with few cars
- Site of last bomb of first blitz
- Numbered crippled houses

Old Misery’s house
- South or East of London
- Dangerous parts of London
- After blitz during World War Two
- Germans bombing campaign in London

Around 1940’s
- Hopeless, dark, gloomy neighborhood
- Tired Evergreens

-Rare to find cars and people strolling
-Everyone knows each other
- Neighborhood suggests calm story without exciting events
Events turn out to be opposite of boring
-Rich neighborhood mentioned where Trevor might have come from
-Monocles and top hats
-Children’s childhood taken away due to post war grounds
-Bring ideas of destruction among them Characters Blackie






Mr. Thomas
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