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Planguru Idea Visualization 2

No description

Ashley Rempe

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Planguru Idea Visualization 2

PlanGuru is a budgeting and forecasting software designed to help businesses and non-profits make better decisions. Whether it’s a high level forecast for the bank or a detailed multi-departmental operating budget, PlanGuru can enable you (or your team) to produce a more accurate analysis in less time.

PlanGuru combines a flexible framework with sophisticated yet easy-to-use forecasting tools, at a value that is unrivaled. PlanGuru users range from entrepreneurs and small businesses to multi-national manufacturers and major universities. Agenda: today we will discuss... sophisticated & affordable Businesses need
SOPHISTICATED & AFFORDABLE tools for Budgeting and Forecasting But when searching for solutions
many business can't find the tools they need. CONCLUSION:

Most Budgeting Forecasting Software doesn't meet businesses needs due to... What does
sophisticated and affordable software look like? Realizing that there is
a need for better budget forecasting software that is both sophisticated and affordable...... How do We Stand Out? increasing our bite of the pie 2012 Edition

Budget and forecast for up to 10 years

Import up to 5 years of historical data from Excel or QuickBooks

Over 20 standard forecasting methods

Custom forecasting using the Non-Financial data tab

Automatic financial ratios and break even analysis

Files can be saved to PDF or Excel our idea is.. Create balance sheets, income statements, and Statements of cash flows. products includes Consolidations, Business Valuation, Engagement Tools, Subtotaling and additional export functionality. Planguru 2012 Advanced Reporting Add-in enhancement package improvements 2013 - Plan release of PlanGuru 2013 featuring improved internationalizaion 2012 - Released PlanGuru 2012 with over 20 enhancement including improved import utilities Also in 2012 released new optional custom reporting tool and PlanGuru in the Cloud 2011 Released completely re-written product Have your license of PlanGuru hosted in the Cloud subscribe to PlanGuru in a SaaS model anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. Build and run custom PlanGuru reports through Excel.

When combined with PlanGuru, this financial reporting tool will allow you to master prospective financial analysis from start to finish cloud-hosting brought to you by... Ed Wielage
(product design and development) Founder Sally Sprankle
(product design and development) Founder Christian Wielage (business development) shareholder Tripp Graham (marketing) shareholder Taylor Wielage (cfo) shareholder ...opportunity Expand into New Markets new revenue our ideas just keep growing... Develop Pricing models AQUISITION Determine the strengths that will increase our profitability and marketability Be aware of our current deficiencies. Create steps for action. synergies with IT vendors Ability to prompt shift to another accounting system encourage clients to switch to a PlanGuru compatible accounting package, in order “to make life easier” Other Software offerings:
“Business Plan Pro” Selling a Citrix Platform revenue scalability Begin with expanding into English-speaking countries, with Integration Associates working during various time zones. PlanGuru has previously only developed in English; however, one possibility for scaling up would be to develop the product in a number of different languages and train bilingual Integration Associates. current price Professional Edition +1 Consultant edition $500 $300 Single user
consultant edition $200 Site License
(up to 7 users) $400 products Table shows: increase base pricing and multi-user princing Each month there are 287,000 google searches for:
business planning, business budgeting, forecasting software This because very few budgeting and forecasting tools are both
sophisticated & affordable VS. Research shows,
80% of business using software for budgeting and forecasting are choosing Excel. BUDGET FORECASTING SOFTWARE: A necessary Tool for 12 million small and medium sized US business a company history Ed and Sally Created New Horizons Technology Planguru was released in 1999. With the new version of Planguru, the company increased sales by 70% in 2011 1998 2012 1999 The Founders decided to build Planguru. The company successfully sold over 1,600 licenses when they decided to reinvent Planguru 2009 The problem is
Excel is time consuming and error prone
when building budgets, forecasts and projections The problem is... these software products only allows users to enter budget amounts :(
Many have no capabilities for forecasting models and provide few analytical reports 1Q of 2012 the company released the Excel Advanced Reporting Add-in and Planguru Cloud Hosting Other companies turn to less sophisticated software and Excel templates to try to meet their needs... VS. "Budget forecasting is an important tool for any business owner.

Knowing where the company is going in the following year will help to make purchasing, staffing and pricing decisions...

A budget forecast based on a clear set of variables increases the chance that the business flows in a positive direction." Linda Ray
About Budget Forecasting | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_4741127_budget-forecasting.html#ixzz23eNALgDL Feature and Price Comparison Many Products have Features Businesses want...but these Systems cost an average of $9,598 Engage in Online Story Telling Video Ad and Tutorials Leverage Social Media Case Study: Boeing's Entry into Social Media The company decided to use online story-telling via social media for the first time during the Farnborough airshow 2010.

Goal: Nurture Affinity for Boeing The Company posted 66 stories and videos over 10 days.

The Result.... 40,000 + Page Views 200,000 + Video Views 3,400 Visitors on Twitter Success 7,674 Video Views on Twitter Weaknesses Opportunities Threats BASED ON OUR KNOWLEDGE OF OUR POSITION IN THE COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE WE WILL... Strengths The Features Businesses look for in Budgeting/Forecasting Software Include: In the end, Most businesses decide to opt out of buying more sophisticated Budget Forecasting Software due to costs. broken formulas
bug-ridden macros,
manual consolidations,
out-of-synch versions,

All contribute to a lengthy and frustrating process.
1. Broken Planning Models
Inaccuracies caused by broken formulas, unstable macros and manual consolidation.

2. Twisting the truth
Spreadsheets that create several “versions of the truth” meaning the data companies are basing management decisions on is compromised.

3. Outdated Plans
Budgeting process takes months to complete, resulting in an outdated and irrelevant budget. expense of implementation lack of features formula break-downs What to look at when visiting your competitor’s website?

Home Page. Start with home page analysis. Is it informative and user-friendly?

Meta tags. Do the website pages have titles, keywords and description tags? Are they keyword-dense and describe the company business well?

Navigation. Pay attention if the navigation of the website is consistent.

Site structure. Site structure should be clear and user-friendly so the users can operate easily on your website.

Search engines. Check out the performance of your competitor keywords in search results and compare their ranking with yours.

Content. Is the content original, quality and keyword-dense?

Page loading. Many visitors do not wait until the page loads if it takes a lot of time. So the loading time should be decreased to minimum. For that reason try to use less Flash applications and Java Scripts on your website.

News/Blog page. Check out if your competitor website has news or blog page and the period within the pages are updated.

Alexa rank. Alexa rank is based on traffic and popularity of the website. By checking Alexa rank of your competitor you will learn if your competitor website is successful. PRESENCE Posted by Diana Davoyan at 7:05 AM
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Labels: competitor analysis, competitor research, SEO, seo competitor analysis, seo tips, SEO tools MARKET SHARE VALUE: price to feature and over-all cost. conclusion: Planguru is the only affordable alternative to Excel for small and medium businesses. SEE
FEEL developing a strong brand identity Deliver clear, relevant messages consistently well over time to our targeted prospects. Features Customers Want

What if Scenarios
Audit Trail
Balance Sheet
Capital Asset Plan
Cash Management
Customizable Fields
Customizable Functionality
Customizable Reporting
Data Import Export
Deliverable Features
Operating Budget
Strategic Reports SOPHISTICATED SOFTWARE ...by enhancing businesses strategic decision-making We think sophisticated software should
"SOLVE THE BUDGET"... software to solve the budget is... ...evaluate their performance. This is where comes in... Who are competitors? What problem does solve? Why does meet businesses needs? how will products potential grow? That's why over 15 years we have integrated the Features that businesses see as the most important to... ...in order to make informed decisions based on their budget. The tools business use must be sophisticated enough to give them a clear picture of their financial situation. Should we do more Advertising? COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE MARKET NEED OUR SOLUTIONS PROJECTIONS PLANGURU TEAM now let's begin Planguru's Rank Alexa.com

504429 Alexa Traffic Rank:
+0 0 Reach Day:
-6 0.0002 Reach Month:
+0 0 Daily Pageviews:
-37 2.1e-05 Monthly Pageviews:
+0 0 Daily Pageviews per user:
-30 10 Monthly Pageviews per user: THE TOP 10 competitor
evaluation table Rating based on...
VALUE (price/features)
WEB PRESENCE (seo evaluation)
MARKET SHARE (size of customer base)
INNOVATION (new products, etc.) comparison criteria ...realize goals ...plan for the future ...evaluate their performance. Christian, here I would like to take a smaller sample of the competitor data and create a Table. The table will show competitor's ratings based on the following categories... each category will have a breakdown of how we reached the rating in the table and a conclusion. sample:
In comparison to products x,y,z Planguru had best to "price to # feature ratio" and the lowest overall "cost of implementation" This Pie Represent 12 million small and medium sized business Customer Pie Planguru currently has .0013% of the potential customers in the Market Space planguru has 900 customers data example conclusion: Planguru has yet to saturate it's market space. Compared with products x,y,z .... SAMPLE DATA:
I will compare the Top 10 Competitors
The web presence rating will be based on... CONCLUSION: compared with products x,y, z Planguru's web presence is... INNOVATIONS VALUE (price/features):

WEB PRESENCE (seo evaluation):
Search: none
Homepage: homepage is cluttered, page not very interactive, lack of engaging storytelling
Navigation: none
Site Structure: cluttered design, difficult to find tutorial videos
Page Loading: none
Alexa Rank: Alexa Rank is low

MARKET SHARE (size of customer base):
small market share

INNOVATION (new products, etc.):
none VALUE (price/features):
Product is affordable and contains many features. Price is within the limits its target market can afford

WEB PRESENCE (seo evaluation):
Search: Planguru is at the top of Google Results as well as many other websights.
Homepage: Content is informative and contains key-word dense language
Navigation: Titles pages are easy to find.
Site Structure: Structure emphasizes the free trial
Page Loading: pages load quickly
Alexa Rank: none

MARKET SHARE (size of customer base):
obtains many new customers through free trials

INNOVATION (new products, etc.):
cloud services, analytics, and new upgrades keep product appearance current Action Plan to
....Capitalize on Strengths
...Seize Opportunities
...Decrease Weaknesses
...and Overcome Threats Our Biggest Strength is
Product Value Our Biggest Weakness:
Lack of Consistent, Clear and Engaging Messages to Target Prospects is seeking to raise $250,000 from the sale of its common stock.

NHST will use these funds to expand the sales and marketing of their existing software products and... Planguru will focus our marketing campaigns on people who want to hear from us most...

CPA firms
Small and Medium Sized Business
As well as prospects with the same needs and demographics as our best customers.
Planguru will create messages that are directly relevant to our prospects interests. We know the needs of the business decision-makers All of Planguru's Marketing – paid advertising, mailers, face-to-face webinars – will support our brand positioning and consistently repeat the same key statements about who we are, what we do, and how we do it better than anyone else. Planguru has over 15 years of software design and partnerships with businesses in our target market.

PG Plans to leverage our data, recommendations and experience to convince business prospects they can trust us as a credible provider from which to believe, buy and recommend. Planguru will "Get to the point" with straightforward messages that our prospects can easily understand and remember. With additional staff Planguru will be able to a create better advertising, a quality brand identity, and web presence that reflects the company’s stature in the software industry and its commitment to quality.
Prospects will hear from PG regularly and often to keep us top of mind. Our Products will be visible and memorable. Clarity. Quality. Frequency. Relevance. Consistency. Targeting. Credibility. mailers/e-mailers referral codes leverage business blogs and social media sites for professionals, etc Right now the Planguru Homepage is informative but cluttered. Research shows people prefer an uncluttered space which their eyes can easily navigate.

PG plans on giving the website a new minimal design. PlanGuru is a budgeting and forecasting software designed to help businesses and non-profits make better decisions. Whether it’s a high level forecast for the bank or a detailed multi-departmental operating budget, PlanGuru can enable you (or your team) to produce a more accurate analysis in less time.

PlanGuru combines a flexible framework with sophisticated yet easy-to-use forecasting tools, at a value that is unrivaled. PlanGuru users range from entrepreneurs and small businesses to multi-national manufacturers and major universities. Right now, this "Product Description" is keyword dense and informative, but the message get's lost in too much text and jargon.

PG Plans to create a simple, clear, and engaging product description for the Homepage. The Tool for Prospective Financial Analysis The Tool for Prospective Financial Analysis Planguru does a great job of providing an accurate description of what the product does: "prospective financial analysis". However, this choice of wording is jargon dense and contains few emotional cues.

PG Plans to implement keywords, images, and multimedia which will engage prospects emotionally. MARKETING PLAN CONCLUSION: We will continue to produce and better market our current products. This is where all of you can get a chance to say a little about yourselves and major accomplishments. ... and helping them to quickly see the impact of changes as they occur in and around their business. without building a single formula. BUSINESSES BEGIN THE SEARCH FOR TOOLS simple process: Planguru has the ability to compute multi-dimensional queries; allowing data to freely exchange between budgets, deliverables and strategic reports. Immediate Update: Columns automatically adjust accounting with new changes in data. The Complete Picture: Planguru automatically shares and updates the data between balance sheets, statement of operations, cash flow, break even analysis and Ratio Reports every time new data is imputed. little note: Feel Free to put in your own input about these conclusions. I'd like to have a blurb about communication through the free trail process here. It demonstrates that you already have a handle on this little note: little note: This section is where you get to relay to the potential investors how you are going to make Planguru a sure sell... Here we explain why people need this product. Let me know if you have suggestions little note: This is where we move from "business needs software" to "business need OUR software" and why. Suggestions :) little note: little note:

Please Identify who you perceive to be the top 10 or 5 competitors and how much of your target market they occupy. little note: little note:
Heavy rotation of accounting tradeshows with Laptops and Integration Associates. Partnership with financial professionals will remain central to business strategy. media campaign Trade Shows Expansion of Financial Adviser Program helping businesses ...realize goals ...plan for the future INTEGRATED ANALYSIS INPUT OUTPUT and receive all the data they need to "solve their budget" Users can simply enter their numbers integrated analysis With additional investment of capital NHST is in a position to take advantage of the market opportunity. To capitalize on the business opportunity NHST needs additional working capital to finance the expansion of our sales, marketing and product development efforts. The company’s expansion efforts include the following:

We estimate that these increases in the expenditures described above will result in a temporary negative cash flow of $140,000 through mid 2012.
In addition, NHST needs $110,000 to complete the development of a new component to PlanGuru. Today’s businesses are looking beyond traditional financial reporting for greater insight into their financial results and key performance indicators. NHST will round the brand’s portfolio with PlanGuru Analytics, a new web based business analytics tool. This will give NHST a significant recurring revenue stream for both new and existing customers. As in the case of budgeting, forecasting and planning software, affordable easy to use business analytics solutions are not available to our target market. •Hire 4 additional staff members in 2012 and 3 additional staff members in 2013

•Open an office in Westchester County, NY

•Begin Media Campaigns and Search Engine Optimization efforts Our biggest opportunity "Getting the word out!" to the 12.8 million businesses that need Planguru and could become our potential customers VIDEOS SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS Be aware of that increase our marketability and profitability OUR WEB PRESENCE OUR MESSAGE OUR TAGLINES EXPANSION STRATEGY PG understands that going cheap will be expensive in the long run if it costs the company the chance to make the sale. ACTION PLAN Determine the that decrease product marketability and profitability
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