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Of mice and men Julian Perez 11c

"Of mice and men" written by John Steinbeck

Julian Perez

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Of mice and men Julian Perez 11c

Of mice and men written by John Steinbeck Main Characters
Lennie: He's strong and childlike and a little bit mentaly disturbed
George: short and witty, responsable for taking care of Lennie
Candy: An old handyman
Boss: The owner of the ranch where Geroge and Lennie work
Curly: The Boss's son
Curly's wife: She is the only female in the story, she is always dressed fancy and nice. She sometimes flirts with the workers
Crook: The stable buck
Slim: He drives the mule truck. He become a good friend of George

During the 1930's in a ranch called "Tyler Ranch" in Soledad, California

- The American Dream
- Friendship Thesis Statements:
In of mice and men, by Steinbeck, George and Lennie have to face the overcoming problems that will come to their lives suffering under the preassure of the Great Depression that was happening in that era Quotes
Utopia theme

Indirect Quote: Lennie is always telling George to remind him what their future will be. They will have their own ranch and they will have many rabbits where their lives will be wonderful

Direct Quote: " A guy needs somebody to be near him. A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody" Rising action

- George and Lennie arrived to Tyler Ranch where the met everyone
- Curly is tough with Lennie and Candy tell them he don't likes big guys
- Curly and Lennie had a confrontation where Lennie crushes Curly's hand Climax
Lennie accidentally kills Curly's wife and run out of the ranch while the other ranch-workers look for him Ending
The novel has a surprise ending.

After Lennie kills Curly's wife he went to the place George told him foreshadowing that if he gets in problems he come by the river and hide in a brush and wat until George come. After talking George kills Lennie again foreshodowing how the dog was killed before. END Introduction:
Of mice and men is a novel that tells the story of two migrant workers, George the small and inteligent and Lennie the strong and young child minded.
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