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Six Word Memoirs

Mrs. Gedelian English Six Word Memoirs

Lizzy C

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Six Word Memoirs

Everyone has scars. Everyone has stories. Made mistakes but learned
from them. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! Life. Drama Free. Leave it be! Scored last point in Volleyball Tournament! Went to Florida. Best state ever! Writing English paper; Pray for me! I am nothing without my god. Dad. True measure of a man. Finally Realizing; I am very stubborn. Failed. Hated. Stormed. Blamed. Understood. Succeeded. Largest Family. Best Parents, Hands down! Real Funny how Fast People Change. In Love with the British Accent. Adventure: Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving I Miss You. The Old You. Mysteries. The Best Books out There. Olivia. Little Sister. The Mini Me. Look Beyond What is Really There. Red Eyes; Can't Hide the Tears. Future Lawyer is in the Room! My Mom. Caring, Beautiful, Brave, Smart:) Big Math Geek. But Don't Care. My Education is Important to Me. Any Spiders are my Biggest Nightmare. Competitive Volleyball. Jammed my Middle Finger. I Never Got To Say Good Bye... Lived. Laughed. Sang. Cancer. Good bye. Went to Florida With Family. Speechless:P Family:Big and
Obnoxious. 'Nuf Said!! Sisters. Best Friends I'll Always Have. Detroit News. Cheaper By The Dozen!! Nothing Beats Being A Romanian Pentecostal. Road Trip, Vacation, Ocean; Love It!!
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