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The Sniper

No description

Cruise Perna

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of The Sniper

-The sniper takes place in Dublin Ireland on two roof tops parallel to each other.
-A republican sniper sees an armored car pull up but does not fire because he knows the bullets won't pierce the armor.
-An old women stops in front of the car to inform them there is a sniper above. The sniper then kills both the gunner on the back and the women as the car drives away.
- He then receives gun fire and takes a shot to the arm. He grabs a first aid kit attempting to heal himself but can no longer hold up a rifle so he pulls out his revolver.
-He than comes up with a plan. He places his hat on the end of the rifle and places it so it leans over top of the building. A bullet goes through the hat and he moves the gun so the hats falls on the street. He then hangs his left hand over the roof acting like he had just died.
-Then he crawls across the roof peeks out and fires his revolver until his enemy drops dead on the street. He throws his revolver over the roof as it discharges and he almost kills himself.
-He than gets down to go check out the other sniper. A machine gun open fires as he crosses the street but misses him as he lays down on the pavement and turns the body over to see the face of his brother.
Guns: The first symbol is the different guns used in this story. One sniper has a revolver and a rifle and the other sniper has a rifle. These weapons are symbolic of the violence and aggression of the war and are used for protection and to take out the enemy.
Red hat:The snipers red hat is the symbol of is survival. He uses this hat to trick the enemy into thinking he is dead as his plan works he then kills the enemy sniper and has time to recover from his death
The old women: The old women wasn't put into this story for nothing as she played an important role. She symbolizes how brutal this war was and it doesn't matter who you are even if you are an old lady, if you are on the enemy team you are nothing but a target.
Lonely isolated characters:
The Republican sniper is a lonely character because the war has isolated him from his family and friends. He is deployed in Dublin Ireland and is on the rooftop by himself.
Republican Solider: Sniper that went to the republican side when the army split off and is battling the free staters.
Enemy Solider: Enemy sniper who wounds the sniper and later dies.
Gunner: Turret gunner on the back of the car
Old Women: Women on the street who informs the gunner on the sniper.
Machine Gunner: Comes in at the very end firing at the sniper.
Liam O"Flaherty
The Sniper
The theme of the short story 'sniper' is that the people that are not fighting in the war are the ones starting the conflict between countries but these soldiers go out and fight at will to further the wants of their people. The war reduces the value of these soldiers to objects that have no life ahead of them and are just targets to go and fight for the freedom of the wealthy.
Disillusioned characters
-The republican sniper battles pain in this whole story and carries this through all the way up until the point where he see's his brother.
-He has been physically hurt in the war and has to deal with the physical and mental pain that this war brings.
-He also carries out his anger after being shot and then killing the enemy as he is cussing at everyone and at everything.
Effects of war explored
-The effect of the war played a big part on the main character because of him going out to fight for his side but killing a family member in the act.
-This plays into the theme of reducing people into objects rather than humans. This war has forever changed this soldiers life now that he has to live knowing he was responsible for his brothers death.
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