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Common Cold

Backround knowledge to the virus that everyone hates: the cold.

Donald LeCompte

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of Common Cold

The Common cold Symptoms cough, tickle in throat, sore throat The best cure for a cold is rest. Donald LeCompte
Ms. Muniz/Mr. Myers
Science 7/English 7
14 March 2011 The common cold is a mild viral infection of the nose and throat. virus RNA Also known as: Coryza, Catarrh, Rhinitis, and Pharynitis. The name depends on body part infected. History Greek physician Hippocrates thought the stuffed-up feeling was caused by too much waste matter in the brain. first case
in 1611 clear runny nose, sneezing headache, mild fever, fatigue Complications possible wheezing if you have asthma sinusitis- inflammation and infection of sinuses Prognosis Will not die from cold Causes contact with others easier to get if: you are fatigued have emotional distress you have allergies If you smoke: Lower resistance to virus
making it easier to get worse symptoms symptoms last longer could lead to bronchitis
or pneumonia BEING COLD DOES NOT CAUSE THE COLD 1-2 week recovery Who Infants get 7-13 a year Adults get 2-3 a year woman ages 20-30 get
more than average adults What affects the nose, throat,
and sometimes chest if it turns to bronchitis it affects your lungs more common during the winter Where can be found anywhere over 1 billion cases in America every year Coping
Disease diagnosed by its symptoms no cure take pain relivers to relieve symptoms How it is Treated: There is no vaccine to prevent the cold, but there is one for the flu which is similar. How to avoid contracting the cold avoid contact with others wash hands disinfect surfaces DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME IF SICK Interesting Facts over 200 viruses can cause the cold The most common form is the rhinovirus:
invisible droplets in the air we breathe
and the things we touch. Virus particles can travel over 12 feet when you cough or sneeze Rhinovirus can survive for 3 hours on a door knob or other surface. touching an infected surface It is often hard to tell the difference between the cold and flu. When Got its name from the similarity between the colds symptoms and those of cold weather.
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