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Why Were Books Invented?

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Kira F

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Why Were Books Invented?

How & Why Were Books Invented?
By: Kira Folk

When Were Books Invented?
What The Book Looks Like Now:
How They Changed:
The way books changed is that 5 thousand years ago the books didn't really have any titles so you didn't know what you were reading most of the time. Books right now have fun and colorful titles but they have black and white pictures sometimes. Sometimes the pictures are colorful!
How Were The Books Made?
Books were made by using papyrus and parchment as the writing surface. Parchment was made of animal skin and gradually became preferred to papyrus for the codex and was more suitable for the new format.
What The Book Looked Like:
What Types Of Books Are There?
The types of books are called genres. Some of them are: Science Fiction, Drama, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Horror, and tons more!
Some Popular Book Titles:
Hunger Games
Catching Fire
Mocking Jay
Soul Surfer
The Sumerian's invented the first books about 5 thousand years ago (c.3100 BC). They were invented in Southern Iraq were the Sumerian's lived. The modern version of the book was called the codex.



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