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Lesson Plan: Fall of Rome

No description

Joe Roper

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Lesson Plan: Fall of Rome

The Fall of the Western Roman Empire Unit Plan Lesson Plan: Many Possibilities Make a comic Post on your blog Write an editorial Assessment Goals Unit Title: The Fall of Rome: Western Empire Subject Area: Eastern Hemisphere Studies Grade Level: 7th Grade Created by: Joe Roper

Time Required (Unit): 6 class periods Sequence of Activities: Lesson 1

Anticipatory Set: Distribute Handout 1 to students, 42 Reasons for the fall of Rome. Go over Handout 1 and discuss what might be some leading reasons for the fall of Rome. Sort out which seem to be on the silly side of reasons and which seem legitimate.

Instructional Input: View Ancient Rome: Fall of an Empire, available through Discovery Education. Video is 55 minutes long with 25 segments. Pause the video frequently to discuss the many reasons being presented.
To Understand that history is not black and white To analyze cause and effect relationships To use technology for research and sharing of ideas Use Google forms for a quiz Use rubistar to make a project rubric Use makebeliefcomix.com Use readwritethink.com You are a roman citizen You see problems stirring Now pick the most significant and inform people ...that illustrates Rome's biggest problems that led to the fall Post your editorial or comic on your blog
and share with others Rome was the largest empire to date ...and it crumbled Why? Plague? War and Barbarian invasion? Corruption? Decrease of morals? Christianity? Too big? Day 1: Many Possibilities Day 2: Fictional story about Germanic Tribes Day 3-5: Research and make project Day 6: Share project
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