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Conducting Effective IEP Team Meetings

Module 3 - 12 Steps to Effective IEP Meetings

Shannon Ooten

on 1 July 2016

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Transcript of Conducting Effective IEP Team Meetings

Module Objective
Pre-conference with school personnel to ensure adequate preparation by all participants.

* (Pre-conference with parents when difficult issues
are anticipated.)
Provide access to evaluation results in advance so all team members can review them.
Introduce participants to each other.

Promote a welcoming environment.

Create an atmosphere of mutual respect.
Seat participants at a round table in a comfortable
setting, free from noise and distractions.
Step 6
Step 5
Step 4
Step 3
~ Post or provide a written agenda for all participants.

~ Agree on ground rules and norms.
(re: civility, interrupting, cell phones, etc.).
Step 9
Step 7
* Encourage each member to be time

* Strategically plan the available time.
The chairperson should politely
redirect participants to assist
in staying on task.

* Take breaks as needed.
Conducting Effective IEP Team Meetings
Step 8
* Provide a clear purpose for the meeting; ensure
roles & responsibilities are clear for tasks occurring
before, during, and after the meeting.

* Encourage participants to share in and contribute
to a common purpose.
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Thank you
My style is well, different...
~ Establish a written “parking lot”
for issues to be addressed at a
later date, rather than letting
them get lost.

~ Develop an action plan for
who is doing what & when.
Step 10
Step 11
Provide an “open door”
for airing and sharing
between meetings.
** End the meeting on a positive note; thank participants
for their time and contributions.
* Restate the outcome at the end of the meeting for
clarity and any necessary corrections.
Meet informally with parents before the formal meeting (to welcome, answer questions about procedural safeguards, etc.).
Step 2
Step 1
Step 12
For your time!
The End
To provide best practices before,
during, and after team meetings.
12 Steps to Greatness
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