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Holly Schrader

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Facebook

What is Facebook?
Facebook has so much more to
offer and not only to the students but also the parents and teachers. It acts as one big community.

and Social Constructivist

Facebook updates its news feed every second. This allows us to see what is going on at that vary moment. You are then able to reply instantly so that person will get a notification that says you have made a comment on their post. This is a fast way of communicating online.
So why Facebook?
After looking at Facebook's educational potential teachers and students should be well aware of Facebook's apps, groups and collaboration tools


teaching and learning. Students learn best if knowledge is shared and perceived in a meaningful manner. And sharing, liking and debating is what Facebook is all about. And this is why it can work as a great learning facilitator.
How can
Facebook be beneficial
in a classroom?

Facebook is a social networking website that allows you to share and connect with friends, family, co-workers and even your students.
As an educator you can create groups for your classes. Only the people you accept in to the group can view what you post and what they post.
Is that it?
To create an account on
Facebook all you need is a few minutes and an email address. Click the following link and watch a Facebook tutorial video.
Instead of using Wikipedia for your answers, why don't you ask your friends and family on Facebook? Create a post and just wait and see all the feedback that you will receive.
Facebook has a flashcard application so you can create them and share
them with your classmates.
There is also a Course application that allows students and educators to post schedules
and exchange notes and comments.
Teachers can use Facebook in the classroom as an opportunity to teach students how to be safe, polite, and effective when using Facebook and other social media tools.
Students can post regular journal entries to share with the class page or group.
Ask students to log in to Facebook to review and report on books that you've assigned in class, sharing what they've learned with the rest of the class in the group you created.
Lets say you are studying the current election, you can ask your students to follow politicians
on a local, state,
and even a
national scale.
You can even ask students to interact with the candidates, posting questions and getting
Use Facebook to create a lesson on using social media tools for collaboration, news, networking, and more.
Parents can follow along as kids post their projects, and even highlight any insightful resources they may know about.
Facebook is a great place to link and archive classroom slides, discussions, and more that students can reference if they missed class or need to review.
Teachers can post educational videos and links for concepts that are currently being discussed in class so students and parents can view them.
You can communicate with your peers. within seconds and everyone one of your friends are able to see your conversation.
If you feel like you have insight about a post or conversation, you can use the "like" or comment button to engage yourself into other conversations.
Ask students to use the CiteMe app on Facebook so that they can create properly formatted citations.
You can gain a ton of knowledge if you are following educational pages or groups. They all post to the news feed about social events and news stories. The feed will instantly update once they make a post.
This video shows you how to create a group page on Facebook.
Find any business or organization on Facebook
Follow them and you will be updated with their latest information.
Facebook can
also be used for business applications
So there is one last question to ask yourself...
Instant Messaging
Education Applications
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