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Book report

No description

Dóra Dékány

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Book report

Book report
about Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
The story
About the writer
25 new words with meaning:
Interesting facts
about Murder on the Orient Express
An usual traveling on the Orient Express with all kind of passenger. Old ladys, young businessman, countess...and Hercule Poirot. Where he is, something will happen. In this case, it happened. The luxurious train went to a snowdrift and by the morning somebody died. The man was Mr. Rachetti, who asked Poirot for help some days ago. He was stabbed twelve times. But who was he and who killed him and why? Poirot started to find answers for these questions with some gentleman's helping.
They asked every passenger and the staff about the regrettable event. Or it was not regrettable? Rachetti was in connection with the terrible kidnapping event which happened some years ago. And than who has the motive to kill him? It seems that nobody but there are too many sign what the murderer(s) left. After some evidence Poirot could think that everyone has the motive. Will the truth come to light? Surely, if Poirot start to use his little grey cells.
He is the main character of this book. He has to find out who was the murderer like in other books.
He is one of the most famous fictional character of all time. He made his first appearance in "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" by Agatha Christie in 1940s. He is a belgian man with mustache and little grey cells. He is not modest but has special individuality so he has been in the reader's heart for more than ninety years. But Christie grew tired of Poirot's character so she wrote his last case, the end of his life "The curtain". It was locked in a bank safe until 1974 when Christie's doughter published it. However Agatha Christie wrote poirot's last case, she published even more Poirot crime because the readers liked the belgian man so much so that Poirot has appearanced in radio plays, films, tv series until today.
Five facts about Poirot:
1. David Suchet played Poirot for more than 100 hours over 25 years.
2. Austin Trevor was the first to play Poirot on screen (1931, Alibi)
3. In Christie opinion "Sad Cypress" would have been better read without Poirot.
4. Poirot is in more than 33 novels and 54 short stories written by agatha Christie
5. His heights is 5ft and 4ins (about 162 cm).

My experiences
I have read many Agatha Christie books, but the Murder on the Orient Express was the first what I read in original language. It was not hard to read but I had to concentrate on it. I understood the main events all through the book. The most harder parts was the characterization. When Poirot enumerated many unknown (by me) adjective. Other difficultly was to remember who was who and who did what because the book has many characters. But it was not a language difficultly. To read the book took longer time than a hungarian book, but it was not a problem. All in all, I am satisfied and I enjoyed it since it was my first original english book what I have read.
The years of working
1919 was a fantastic year for Agatha. Her husband find a new job and they could move into a furnished flat in London. In this year Agatha gave birth to their only child, Rosalind. It was also a year of starting publishing. Agatha's first published book was The Mysterious Affair at Styles.
Following the war she continued to write with different types of detective stories, thriller. She created her famous characters: Poirot, Tommy and Tuppence and then Miss Marple in quick succession.
After some years, the happy days became sad days because Agatha's mother died and her husband fell in love with Nancy Nail. They divorced and Agatha with her daughter escaped England. During these years she wrote The Big Four, The Mystery of The Blue Train, the book what she wrote when she mourned her mother and Giant’s Bread,her first Mary Westmacott novel.
There are two hungarian people. Count and countess Andrenyi. They are passengers on the Orient Express.
Agatha Christie saw the first film edition.
The first released was in November 1933
It was made to Radio Play, Graphic Novel, Game, Film, TV series
Once she travelled to the archeological site in Baghdad, where she met with Max Mallowan, who later became her second husband. In this time Agatha was fertile writer, she wrote two or three books per year. In the II. World War years her husband had to work in the battlefield but Agatha also had joy in this years because she became grandmother and she spent her free time with her grandchild and with writing.
Her last public appearance was at the opening night of the 1974 film version of Murder on the Orient express. Her only objection was that Poirot's mustache was not luxurious enough.
Agatha died peacefully on 12 January 1976. She had a very successful carrier and happy life.
She became the uncrowned queen of the crime
The later years
glance up-felpillant
The end
Thank you for paying attention
made by Dóri Dékány
My main source was:
Murder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie)
Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born on 15 September 1890 in England in a very well off family. Her mother, Clara, who was an excellent story teller, did not want to teach Agatha reading until age of 8. But Agatha was bored so she damaged herself to read when she was five years old. She liked reading very much and she started writing when she was child. She learned french and played piano perfectly, but she was too shy in front of an audience. Her father died when she was young.
In 1912 she met with Archie Christie. They married in 1914, but they really started their joint life in 1918 because of the war. Agatha started to write crime stories during the war.
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