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Tai Chi Chuan

"Supreme Ultimate Fist"

Katie Hawkins

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan by Katie Hawkins Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese internal martial art. Nei jing means internal strength in Chinese martial arts
Performed for spiritual and mental reasons
Focuses on spirit, mind, and using relaxed leverage and not muscle tension
Can be performed both slowly or have quick movements
Slow technique improves coordination and balance
Slow technique focuses student on the movement of their entire body

Tai chi is a practice of both hard and soft martial arts techniques. Hard and soft martial arts= how much force is used to counteract an attacker. Yin and yang represents hard and soft in martial arts Hard Technique- the attackers force is used aginst them to send force back at them
Soft Technique- the defender usues a small amount of force and redirects the attackers force to be used against them There are 5 main styles of tai chi chuan. Chen Style
Yang Style
Wu/hao Style
Wu Style
Sun Style Each style is named after the family it origonated from
Yang style has the most practicers
An example of the body form "Single Whip" shown in the Yang style. Tai Chi Chuan's popularity has grown mostly in the last 20 years.
It is now used mostly to benefit the health of it's practicers.

It is still taught in the traditional martial art form regardless of the purpose the practicer chooses to perform it Practicing it has become popular in hospitals, clinics, community and senior centers Core training teaches two different forms:

Solo form
pushing hands Solo Form slow movement
straight spine
abdomial breathing
broad range of motion
Pushing Hands focused more towards self defense Tai Chi theory agrees with ideas of Confucianism and Taoism Tai Chi Chuan= "Supreme Ultimate Fist" "Supreme Ultimate" is seen in both
means fusion of yin and yang Yang Style is the most popular form of Tai Chi Chuan. Women practices Yang style. Founder= Yang Luch'an
started in the early 1800's
Yang taught tai chi chuan to the elite Palace Battalion of the Imperial Guards in 1850.

Tai Chi Chuan can be practiced in "Short Forms" Short forms are used in compeitions because they are abbreviated tai chi routines that don't take as long to perform Design a Day: Tai Chi in the park a relaxing environment where it is easy to focus on oneself and not be distracted anyone is welcome who is interested in strengthening their balance, coordination, and inner focus Yang style will be instructed because it is the most widely practiced style There are martial art schools where Tai Chi can be learned. most schools do not require a uniform
flat soled shoes are worn to help with controlling balance and center of gravity
loose clothing is worn for easy range of motion Tai Chi is a competitive activity. Tai Chi Chuan is performed in competitions between martial arts schools'
In the eleventh Asian Games in 1990 a 42 form routine was performed in Tai Chi

demonstrator in a tai chi chuan tournament.
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