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Rational Expressions

No description

Alisha Atkinson

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Rational Expressions

Rational Expressions What Are Rational Expressions? An expression that is the ratio of two polynomials. Pretty much a fraction with a polynomial on top and on bottom. Polynomial If the polynomial group has not presented or even if they have we are going to give you the definition of a Polynomial (something Alisha Can't pronounce right)
A polynomial is made up of many terms that are only added, subtracted or multiplied. Example of a Rational Expression Did You Know? Your math teacher was right. You will use this stuff one day. About 30 well known jobs require the use of Rational Expressions. We will give you 4 examples Funeral Director Use Rational expressions to calculate price in situations like a double funeral. They usually multiply rational expressions Nurses Nurses Use Rational Expressions for the concentration of a drug in the bloodstream to determine dosage. Farmer use rational expressions to predict moisture by taking soil samples. Farmers Insurance Underwriters They use rational expressions to calculate how much to charge you for insurance. The end So, this is the end....Not really we have some examples for you. We will give you examples where you have to multiply, divide, add, subtract,and simplify rational expressions which is what we have learned how to do. By Alisha and Keltzy
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