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No description

bhumil patel

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Bullying

Different type of Bullying
Stand up to bullies, only reason they do this is because they have nothing better to do. Do you know why people bully others? It's because the bully himself/herself is actually scared of some other bully, or the bully just wants to be popular, or known for what kinds of damages he /she has cost to others. Stand up for your rights.
Verbal bullying - name-calling, sarcasm, teasing, spreading rumors, threatening, making negative comments to one's culture, race, religion, gender, unwanted comments.

Social Bullying - mobbing, excluding others from a group, humiliating others with public gestures.

Physical Bullying - hitting, chasing, shoving, destroying or stealing belongings, unwanted sexual touching.

Cyber Bullying - using the internet or text messaging to put-down, spread rumors or make fun of someone.

Bullying refers to all types of bullying done on anybody's property, whether it is to person-person bullying, bullying of people younger than the older and or older being bullied by younger. For example; you can't just damage someone's home, you can't inappropriately touch somebody, you can't boss anyone around, and can't talk bad things and make the person who is being bullied feel bad about them selves, and never hit somebody alone or in as a group. Bullying is done to make people or even nature, feel bad. BULLYING SHOULD STOP!!!!!!!!

By:Bhumil Patel
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