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No description

Krista Firely

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Differentiation

9 types of Adaptations
1. Output
2. Input
3. Time
4. Level of Support
5. Size
6. Degree of Participation
7. Difficulty
*8. Alternate Goals
*9. Substitute Curriculum
Input -
Adapt the way instruction is delivered to the learner
Use different visual aids
Plan more concrete examples
Provide hands on activities
Place students in cooperative groups
Write mnemonic key on boards
Use visual, auditory, or tactile/kinesthetic approach
Preview strategies
Provide written outline
Use high interest materials
Adapt how the learner can respond
Verbal vs written response
Communication book
Hands on materials
Model of the desired outcome
Second chance learning
More objective items/ reduce essay items
Give frequent quizzes, avoid long tests
Allow the student to be creative and use their strengths
As you sit down, please take one of the "tests" on your table
What did you notice about the format of the tests?

Was the same content "assessed?"

Adapt the skill level, problem type, the rules on how the learner may approach the work
Allow the use of manipulatives for math problems
Simplify task directions
Individualize a time line for completing a task
Pace learning differently for some learners
Give extra time to complete tasks
Use self monitoring device (timer)
Provide a structured routine in written form
Level of Support-
Increase the amount of personal assistance with a specific learner
Assign peer buddies
Peer Tutors/note-takers
Cross Age tutors
Read test items aloud
Provide peer assistance with organization
Assist student with developing a work plan
Simplify complex directions
Adapt the number of items that the learner is expected to learn or complete
Reduce number of Social Studies terms
Reduce number of homework problems in math
Reduce number of spelling words
Limit number of items on a page
Degree of Participation-
Adapt the extent to which a learner is actively involved in a task

Cooperative learning
Prepping a student before class as to a question that will be asked
Adapting your lessons
Change rules to accommodate learner needs
Reduce the reading level of the assignment
Allow alternate assignments
Output Example
Difficulty Example
Level Of Support example
Time Example
Input Examples
Adapt the time allotted and allowed for learning, task completion or testing
Adapted version
Regular version
We can be your superheroes!
Persuasive Writing piece- Persuade Mrs. Firely's 5 year old daughter to choose your candy over the other groups'.
Allowing them to choose how they wanted to present their information was highly motivating and they forgot they were "writing".
Output Example
Level of Support example
Degree of Participation Example
Difficulty Example
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