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Presentation KFC

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Jossna Rama

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Presentation KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken
KFC KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In Mauritius, KFC is franchised by Pick N Eat.

It is primarily focused on fried chicken and offers a line of roasted chicken. Competitor Analysis Nando's, Barcelos and McDonald's
Fast food including breakfast packages Macro Environment
PEST Political:
Stable political environment.
Mauritius is in trade agreements which facilitates franchising and fast food operations. Competitor Analysis Strategic Objectives
McDonalds achieve Marketing objectives by introducing and developing new products
Look for new model to develop( Nandos)
Find a niche because Nandos is unable to attack

Response patterns
A cross-cultural response styles for new groups of respondents
International market researchers using samples including respondents from more than one cultural background Macro Environment
PEST Group Members:
Fadil Byraub- M00421647
Anjolaoluwa Akindele- M00431902
Sandra Nyarko- M00251728
Jossna Bye Rama- M00383275 Address of Organisation: Gentilly Road, Moka, Mauritius.
Email: www.kfc.mu Strengths

Wider Variety, new items like coffee, smoothies and angus burgers (McDonald’s)
Greater health consciousness
Rewards loyalty (Nando’s) Weaknesses
Few branches
Less affordable than KFC
Ambiguous franchising
Limitations on independence Strategies
Five geographical divisions( McDonalds)
Poster’s competitive strategies model including differentiation and low-cost leadership(McDonalds)
Nandos known as the home of legendary flame-grilled peri-peri chicken served in 32 countries on 5 continents. Economical:
Devaluation resulted in reduction in profits.
Economic boom makes KFC accessible to different wage levels. Social:
KFC supports all events by simply sponsoring the events.
KFC give donations to the poor. Technological:
They used modernisation technology to advertise their products.
KFC has its own website whereby we can get an overview of its products. SWOT Analysis Recommendation/ Conclusion Bibliography/ Reference STRENGTHS
Brand Equity
Affordable Prices
Technological Advantage WEAKNESSES
2010 Health Issues
Lack of hotline & home delivery
No defined target market OPPORTUNITIES
University collaborations
Liaison with multinationals THREATS

New Entrants

Healthier options by competitions KFC should introduce alternatives e.g. rice
Seek healthier raw materials
Introduce a customer loyalty reward scheme Bibliography:

http://www.food-allied.com/en/ Reference: Kurt Avish, kfc nando conspiracy, 2009.
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