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Racial Discrimination (Project)

No description

Walter Ruiz

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Racial Discrimination (Project)

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace
June 16th, 2014
Definition & Types
Causes of Racial Discrimination
Existing Laws to protect individuals
Suggestions to HR Departments
Thank you for your attention!
Any Questions?
"After more than two decades of diversity research as well as anti-discrimination legislation, discrimination and exclusion at the workplace still persists." (Bell, 2007)
Psychological problems (anxiety, depression, stress)
Low self-esteem
Low work satisfaction
Poor quality of life
Overweight/ obese
Alcohol abuse
Low employee morale
Poor business reputation
Poor relationship
Expenses on complaints & litigation
Lost income
Increasing crime rate
Resources for health care and social service increased
Cultural Differences
Culture is learned but race is inherent
People in the same race share the same culture no matter where they live.
Color discrimination occurs when an individual is discriminated against in terms of his/ her color characteristic
The effects of past history
Though colonialism is not popular anymore; it is still influencing our lives
Labels to recognize social groups
A race believes that they are at a higher social status
To eliminate racial discrimination caused by unfamiliarity, let children deal with different races at a younger age
Racial Discrimination
Person’s “race”, “color”, and “descent”, "national” or “ethnic" origin
Is the result of a social process
Unfair treatment
The workplace is the major place for discrimination
Direct Discrimination
Straight way of discrimination
Tends to be obvious
People treated unfairly or unfavorably
Indirect Discrimination
Less obvious form of discrimination
Policies, benefits or rules seem to be fair but they aren't
Reverse Discrimination
People who are traditionally in the majority position cannot get the fair treatment
Recruitment & Promotion
Create a diverse workplace
Qualification and skills
Diversity Training
Not only awareness training but also skills
Goals must be set and effectiveness needs to be evaluated
Equality Action Plan
Managing Complaints & Investigation
Provide a channels for victims to complain
South Africa
25% of companies need to be owned by black people
Labour Relations Law: Law No. 7/2008
Equal opportunities for employment
No discrimination
No difference of treatment
In 1979, Nicaragua ratified the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
Resolution No. 09-2007, decided to designate March 21st (International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination) as a national event.
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