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Help Thy Neighbor- River Pollution

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Kiki Noelani

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Help Thy Neighbor- River Pollution

Cause and Resolution
The Community The Issue The Cause What can we do to help? Outcome GUEST, W. (2012, April 18). Polluted Rivers in Grand Rapids. Retrieved February 26, 2013, from thewmeacblog.org: http://thewmeacblog.org/2012/04/18/water-pollution-in-grand-rapids/
Schrauben, M. (2010, December 7). Pollution in the Grand River. Retrieved February 27, 2013, from therapidian.org: http://therapidian.org/water-quality-grand-river The quality of the Grand River is deteriorating and the river is becoming "potentially unsafe".
The problems with the river and the filth that runs through it affects the image of the city and it's ability to care for the river. If it were cleaner then more people would be interested in taking part in more river-related recreational activities without worrying about their health and safety.
The river is also a large attraction to fishermen, and the pollution in the river reduces the amount of fish. The fishermen only stand in the middle of a freezing polluted river waiting for fish that won't come, and it's time to change these problems. Some of the major problems causing this pollution are storm water discharge that carries oil, road chemicals, and litter into the river. Agricultural runoff carries all kinds of dirt and and pesticides into the river too. Some of the manure from agricultural sites can be dangerous because the ammonia it contains can be detrimental to the aquatic life of the river.
Even natural causes such as sediment and dirt being carried along by the current can suffocate the fish. The real issue coming into play is the lack of acknowledgment: people aren't taking this seriously. The construction of rain gardens are a good contribution to helping support the well being of the river. There has also been separation of the sewer system to reduce the amount of flow into the river. "The Footing Drain Disconnection Program" works to reduce water flow, and even though these efforts may take a while to sink in with the help of the community things might roll a little bit faster. The end result of cleaning up the river would be one that some people hadn't really thought possible. Once clean, there will be canoeing, fishing, kayaking, clean and safe family fun activities, and there may even be the possibility of swimming in safer parts of the lake. Bibliography Pollution in the Grand River Kaya Henderson
1st hour.
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