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Scoiology - Education (DEA & Social Class)

Poppy Camfield

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Language

Language ``Language used in lower
working class homes is
inadequate and deficient'' Beneiter
and Engleman Restricted Code Bernstein:
Language Codes Used by the working class
Restricted Code Used by the middle class Elaborated Code Elaborated Code & Limited vocabulary Short, often unfinished sentences Descriptive Speaker assumes the listener will understand Wider vocabulary Longer, more complex sentences Can explain more abstract ideas
- detail/reasoning Analytical AO2 Speech codes affect children's
performance in school. Those who come from middle and upper class backgrounds will have grown up using the elaborated code at home, therefore once they start school they will then be able to understand more clearly and perform better, further developing their skills using the elaborated code. Schools will use the elaborated code in both textbooks and teaching. Middle class children have the advantage at home of hearing the elaborated code growing up, therefore they will find it easier to adapt to it and develop it themselves. Whereas working class children
tend to grow up hearing the
restricted code,this then limits
them at school because they
may find it harder to understand
and build on their education. Sociologists
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