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on 4 January 2013

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COAT OF ARMS The words 'noblis est ira leonis' are translated into 'noble is the wrath of the lion.' JAMES I, KING OF ENGLAND
JAMES VI, KING OF SCOTLAND ENGLISH ORIGIN Also according to Babynology.com, the name Stuart came about in19th century Scotland to honor the royal family that produced several kings and queens in Britain (and Scotland) between the 14th and the 18th centuries. Thus, Stuart is the family name of many kings of England. The first king with the surname of Stuart was James I of England, who was also James VI of Scotland. He became king after the death of Elizabeth I. He was the son of Mary, queen of Scotland because of her second husband; Lord Darnley.James was the first monarch to unite two countries under one king. James I/VI lived from 1603-1625. According to Houseofnames.com, Stuart is a name of English and Scottish origin; being the name of the royal families in these countries. This particular spelling is derived from the influence of Mary, Queen of Scotland, who was educated in France, and, consequently spelled her name Steuart or Stuart. Babynology.com also says that the name Stuart came about in 19th century Scotland to honor the royal family that produced several Scottish (and English) kings and queens between the 14th and 18th centuries.Stuart and Stewart are clan names of the royal house of Scotland. HISTORYONTHENET.COM According to Babynology.com, the name Stuart is derived from the Old English words stig (house) and weard (guard),which, put together, make Steward; the meaning of Stuart. The words underneath the lion and unicorn mean
'God and my right' The previous coat of arms is the coat of arms of King James. It is the combination of both the Scottish coat of arms and the English coat of arms. The unicorn is the mascot creature of Scotland, and the lion is the mascot creature of England. Because James was a mixed blood king, he had to "quarter" his coat of arms to incorporate the symbols of both branches of his lineage. Thus his coat of arms depicts both a lion and a unicorn; England and Scotland. His motto is shown on the bottom: Deiu Et Mon Droit. God and my right. King James believed in the Divine Right of Kings. This is that the king is answerable to God alone and cannot be tried by court. King James is also the name behind the King James version of the Bible.
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