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There's No Crying In Leadership

No description

Christa Jewell

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of There's No Crying In Leadership

There's No Crying In Baseball
Sheryl Sandberg COO-FB believes we are all emotional human beings & its ok for us to share this emotion at work. "Sharing emotion builds deeper relationships, its genuine and shows are authentic self."
Group A- Scenario

Group B- Scenario
The Ability to understand and manage moods and emotions in your self and others.
Emotional Intelligence
71% of employers are placing a greater emphasis on EI than IQ because...
resolve conflict efficiently
make more thoughtful business decisions
more likely to stay calm under pressure

Its not about character, its about science
Offer a brief time out to allow employee to regain composure
Don't let crying be an excuse for avoiding an issue or lowering your standards
Be aware that sudden and frequent crying may be a symptom of bigger problems either at work or at home
Provide coaching if the crying is inappropriate
Few things / tips that may be helpful
And Strong Men Show Emotions Too...
Barack Obama - SandyHook
Barack Obama- I'm really proud of all of you
As part of the MBA Admissions process Yale, Darmouth, MIT Sloan School of Mgt. now has standardized EQ testing.

How do you deal with difficult emotions?

Should we as all be consistent in our approaches?

Do you tend and befriend or "Flight & Fright."
As part of the MBA Admissions process Yale, Darmouth, MIT Sloan School of Mgt. now has standardized EQ testing.
What do you think of this statement?

Sharing emotions builds deeper relationships, as its authentic and genuine.
Emotions In The Workplace
Not only tears, but we deal with a platitude of emotions that can be equally distracting.How do we handle all these emotions at work ? ( and we do )
Some of us may handle emotions (crying) like Bambi with a hug first where others may be like a drill Sargent. And want to get directly t the source of the emotion.

Discussion / Create dialogue/ Share Approaches
Raise Awareness of Emotional Intelligence
agree or disagree?

Emotional Intelligence is the means by which we build a happier, more collaborative workplace.

We don't become robots when we walk through the office door. We remain warm blooded emotional human beings throughout the day.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears comparison- you want not too soft or too hard, not too cold or too hot, but just the right balance.
The concept of EI has become important in the past decade so much so that...
Do You Think that IQ matters more than EQ in the workplace?
Emotional Intelligence- The Ability to Manage The Emotions of Others
Say Kind Words

Practice saying kind things to people and notice their reactions.

you may thank them for what they've done
you may praise them for their productivity, patience or thoughtfulness
you may compliment them on some aspect of their appearance personality or kindness towards you
When you do these things notice whether staff brighten up a little or not if they do you are influencing their emotions.
Activity - Fishing For Compliments
Managing The Emotions of Others
Crying at work has traditionally been deemed as a weakness as Tom Hanks says "There"s no crying in baseball."
Let's practice on ourselves.How did this activity make you feel? Is this something you already make a conscience effort everyday in doing and how so?
Leading with Genuine Authentic Emotion
Involving the abilities to
There's No Crying In The Office
To keep our emotions, coworkers,clients and staffs in check we need to have a high EI
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